Current Fundraising Campaigns:

Sloth Pre-Release Enclosure

Join the Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) in raising funds for our rescued adult and orphaned sloths! This fundraiser will allow us to build a pre-release enclosure for our Sloth Release Program at our Release Site in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica. DONATE NOW.

Operating Expenses

The Toucan Rescue Ranch spends thousands of dollars each month to maintain operating costs. It costs a lot of money to feed and care for the 150 different animals we house on the Ranch. If you want to be involved with helping with these costs and help feed our animals please donate towards our operating costs! To donate, use the donate button on the upper-right corner of your screen!

Successful Fundraising Campaigns:

X-Ray Machine Campaign

We have completed the x-ray machine campaign! This fundraiser was to help us pay for x-rays for our injured wildlife in our clinic. This x-ray fund will help us better aid injured and orphaned birds and animals to receive the needed treatment and care and provide an environment that gives them the best chance at recovery and release. View our X-Ray Machine Campaign. 

Emma the Otter's New Pool

We have successfully completed this crowdfunding campaign no thanks to the generous supporters of TRR! Emma’s enclosure will be built right in the middle of the property, a focal point for everyone to enjoy her new water habitat! View our Emma’s New Playground Campaign. 

New Owl Enclosures | 2014-2015

We have 7 species of owls. Mottled, Bare-Shanked Screech, Striped, Tropical Screech, Black and White, Spectacled and Pygmy owls. Most were in enclosures where, due to growth, there was a lot of daytime activity. Since owls are nocturnal, they needed a home where it was quiet so they could sleep during the day. We built 10 new enclosures near the bottom of our property. The owls moved into their new homes on February 2015.  View our Owl Mews Campaign.

Onsite Clinic | 2013-2014

As Leslie became known for being able to keep babies and serious injuries alive, we started receiving more birds and animals that needed emergency care. With the onsite clinic we no longer have to treat these animals on our porch and in our driveway.

By playing an active role in our projects you are making a difference. Help us help them.

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