• TRR Inspired Me to Become a Vet Tech

    Before coming to Costa Rica I was working a full-time desk job and working towards a psychology degree. I had considered changing my degree to something geared toward wildlife rehabilitation but I didn’t want to make such a drastic decision without first dipping my toes in the water.  I came to the Toucan Rescue Ranch […]

  • The Sloth Journals

    Lenny, Male Two-Fingered Sloth Age: ~ 10 months Place of Origin: Tilarán Current Weight: 1.6 kg (he probably hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet) Nickname: Toffee Jr. Special Talents: Holding his bladder Level of Fluffiness: 8/10   Lenny is the second-most fluffy baby sloth in the group. At first, it may appear that he is […]

  • Tiger Lily the Lesser Anteater

    The Lesser anteater or Tamandua (Tamandua Mexicana): Anteaters are very curious and tend to cover very long distances looking for food. Their technique is simple- sniff around to find food, attack the nest, tree or any bug filled substrate, with their claws, make a hole big enough for the tongue to fit and go to […]

  • The Sloth Journals

    Latte, Female Two-Fingered Sloth Age: 2-years, 4-months Place of Origin: Guapiles Current Weight: 3.2 kg Nicknames: Gretchen, Mothership Special Abilities: Cuddling with babies, transporting sloths between planets Latte is an adult surrogate mother to the Ranch’s baby sloths, a fact made evident by her significantly larger mass when sitting among her foster children. While unfortunately […]