Are you a videographer and interested in filming some of Costa Rica’s most exoitic and beautiful animals? Toucan Rescue Ranch may be the place for you. The Ranch has had BBC One and National Geographic as well as other networks like HNL use footage or film of TRR’s wildlife. If you’re interested in filming with us please review the necessary documents to film at our rescue facility (you can access these documents by emailing


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  • Tiger Lily the Lesser Anteater

    The Lesser anteater or Tamandua (Tamandua Mexicana): Anteaters are very curious and tend to cover very long distances looking for food. Their technique is simple- sniff around to find food, attack the nest, tree or any bug filled substrate, with their claws, make a hole big enough for the tongue to fit and go to […]

  • The Sloth Journals

    Latte, Female Two-Fingered Sloth Age: 2-years, 4-months Place of Origin: Guapiles Current Weight: 3.2 kg Nicknames: Gretchen, Mothership Special Abilities: Cuddling with babies, transporting sloths between planets Latte is an adult surrogate mother to the Ranch’s baby sloths, a fact made evident by her significantly larger mass when sitting among her foster children. While unfortunately […]

  • The Sloth Journals

    Bowie, Male Two-Fingered Sloth Age: At least 9-months Place of Origin: Sarapiquí Current Weight: 1.2 kg Nickname: Bowie Special Abilities: Snuggling with Latte As one of the younger sloths, Bowie seeks comfort from the snuggly warmth of Latte, with whom he is almost always cuddling. Like Ringo, Bowie enjoys hitching a ride on Latte during […]

  • The Sloth Journals

    Chispa, Female Two-Fingered Sloth Age: 1-year, 3-months Place of Origin: Tortuguero Current Weight: 1.4 kg Nickname: Cheese Puff Special Talents: Sticking her tongue out and perhaps teleportation   The only girl of the high school kids, Chispa (and definitely not Cheese Puff, as some people have confused her name for) sticks out among the babies […]

  • A Sloth in Heat

    Female three-fingered sloths come into estrous, or heat, multiple times a year and boy, do they like to scream about it! When a female sloth is “in heat” and ready to breed she doesn’t wait for the males to come to her, she actively encourages them with high-pitched screams. The males will then follow the […]

  • The Sloth Journals

    Ringo, Male Two-Fingered Sloth Age: At least 7 months Current Weight: 1.1 kg Place of Origin: Puriscal Nicknames: Sonic, Wristwatch, Sniffles Special Talents: Clinging to his caretakers, casually doing the splits Ringo is one of the youngest sloths in the high school group. He frequently hangs on to Latte while happily watching over the other […]

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