X-Ray Ongoing Fund

The X-Ray Fund helps expand and equip Toucan Rescue Ranch’s medical treatment This fund aids injured and orphaned birds and animals to receive the needed treatment and care and provide an environment that gives them the best chance at recovery and release. 

Enhance Treatments

Often animals are brought to us and we need to evaluate internal injuries.

To Save a Life

By donating to the x-ray fund you're helping our medical team save a life.

For Full Recovery

Once we are able to quickly diagnose injuries we can put the animal on the proper road to recovery.

Why do we need x-rays?

Toucan Rescue Ranch has tremendous success with injuries and difficult endangered species, especially babies, which are very difficult to rehabilitate. Toucan Rescue Ranch is in need of an x-ray machine to continue to effectively treat all injured and orphaned animals that arrive at the Toucan Rescue Ranch.

The Best Medical Care

We have become the first choice for many wildlife officers with injured birds and animals. When dealing with highly intense and severe cases, the urgency in discovering if the animal is suffering from broken bones or other internal injuries is incredibly important. 

Life or Death

If an x-ray is needed, Toucan Rescue Ranch has to transport the injured animal roughly an hour from the facility. Oftentimes, the animal has already experienced many hours being transported by a wildlife official. This creates an extremely stressful environment for the animal – when resting is an essential component of its recovery. Additionally, seeing an x-ray is a lengthy process when quick results can mean the difference between life and death.

This is an ongoing campaign that constantly needs funding. $10.00 buys one x-ray for an injured animal that comes to our clinic. Please donate to this very important campaign.

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X-ray ongoing Fund

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