Medical Care

The Toucan Rescue Ranch has grown in our ability to take in sick and injured animals and provide inhouse care and rehabilitation. In 2013, the Ranch built a small onsite clinic where surgeries, quarantine and overall monitoring take place.

Every animal starts with an overall observation and/or quarantine period depending on its circumstance. Once a week our veterinarian comes to the Ranch and completes a full physical and a parasite check. These results determine the care and treatment of that particular bird or animal. Now, we are able to do nearly all of the primary procedures onsite. Such procedures include amputation, anesthesia, physicals, antibiotics, laceration stitching  and so forth.

Much of what medical care we provide on the Ranch would not be possible without the generous donations. Since our onsite clinic we have been donated: A microscope which allows us to do parasite checks; an anesthesia machine which allows us to perform surgeries on birds and other wildlife with ease; as well as bandages, antibiotics, surgery glue and other very important tools!


The Ranch rescues wildlife with the intention of releasing the animal back into its natural environment. If the Ranch has the capacity to completely rehabilitate the animal from its former injuries/condition, then, with permission from MINAE, we release that animal back into its habitat.

Release Site

The Ranch purchased property in Sarapiqui, which is one hour north towards the Caribbean over Brauillo Carrillo National Park. Here, the Ranch owns 25 acres of pristine rainforest land that has existing wildlife including two-toed sloths, howler monkeys as well as 400 bird species and three toucan species.

The Ranch is continuing to expand this program by housing two employees at the release site. There, the employees will take wildlife that has been healed at the Ranch and provide an opportunity for them to be released into the wild. Releasing an animal includes teaching it how to salvage for the proper food, shelter, flight, defense mechanisms and so on.


The Ranch houses full-time animal residents. Wildlife that come in as orphans or with serious injuries require long-term and sometimes permanent care. Click on the following for more information on our permanent residents that are birds, owls, sloths and other wildlife.


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