Other Mammals


Spider Monkey

Meet Noelia. She came in very dehydrated from a horrible pet situation where her tail was severed. Today, she is sharing an enclosure with Izzy, our first Spider Monkey. Noelia can be a handful but has become quite athletic. Due to her past she’s had to learn how to climb without her tail. She has adapted well and can get around the enclosure just as well as her friend Izzy. This is quite the feat considering the Spider Monkey has the longest tail in the monkey family. The Spider Monkey also uses its tail to climb serving as a fifth limb. Against all odds, Noelia has grown-up to be 100% rehabilitated.

Noelia has been ADOPTED!



Neotropical River Otter

Meet Emma. She came to us as a tiny baby from the Sarapiqui River.  She was involved in an incident of children on vacation swimming in the river who decided to throw rocks and separate her from her family. Fortunately another lady who came to the river with her children realized what was happening, scolded the children and tried to get the baby otter to return to the river but she wouldn’t swim away.  So the lady stuck Emma in her purse and took her to the wildlife official who then drove over the the mountain range in poor weather conditions to deliver her to our care.  Today, she is full of energy and thrives off interaction. There is a crowdfunding campaign for Emma to build her a large pool enclosure. Help Emma and build her a larger enclosure where she can swim and play! Emma’s project.

Emma has been ADOPTED!


Greater Grison

Meet Gigi. She is our first weasel.  Gigi is very similar to Emma, webbed feet and enjoys playing with both Emma the otter (separated, but they can interact) and Pepper her boyfriend.  She came into the program because her mother was poisoned.  She was very ill, but now is a very healthy and animated weasel. Gigi was featured on TV as an ambassador to other grisons, we did some education and asked people to please protect them and not poison them just because they are different and people are not familiar with them.

Gigi has been ADOPTED!



Meet Tabu. His name means forbidden and sacred, which completely fits him because he’s an Oncilla, one of the most endangered and smallest cats in Costa Rica.  He was found in Cartago in peoples backyards looking for food. Tabu came here and four different wildlife official evaluated him as well as people who have worked with feral cats. We found that he was used to people because at an early stage in his life he was probably someone’s pet.  He was poached out of the forest as a kitten, then as he began to get larger and dangerous they chose to let him go. He is endangered and looks to humans for food, it was decided that he should stay at the Toucan Rescue Ranch.  He is about the same size as a house cat.  We have been very fortunate and two of our guests gave very nice donations and we are building him a huge enclosure!
Tabu has been ADOPTED!



Meet Elsa. Elsa is a lesser anteater also known as a Tamandua. Elsa was discovered in a drainage ditch riddled with maggots. She was an orphan suffering from a serious cold and was brought to the Ranch in critical condition.

As a baby the Ranch was unsure if she would survive her infection. However, she proved us wrong and is growing with everyday. The infection she suffered as a baby took her vision in her right eye. Elsa’s eye has continued to stay closed. Due to the tamandua’s complicated sinus system we have not put her under anesthesia to operate on the eye.

Elsa is up for ADOPTION.

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