Mealy Amazon

Meet Lorita. She was brought to us by MINAE because she was noisy, Lorita loves to sing and scream. She came in a small cage with metal perches and had no feathers on her chest and her feet were completely black from the condition of the cage. I asked about her history and she had spent 15 years with one lady in the same cage and another 15 years with the current owner who finally gave her to MINAE. She never left the cage that was about 15 inches in diameter. We changed her diet to include fruit, vegetables and pellets as well as buying her a new and larger enclosure allowing her have baths. Within months her feathers came back. The problem with Lorita was that she was completely cage-bound and refused to leave her enclosure.

After a year of opening the door and encouraging her and she managed to come out and explore her new world. She had to learn to move and stretch and play with toys as well. You can see Lorita taking a great rain bath on YouTube.

Lorita is up for ADOPTION.


Great Green Macaw

Meet Rose. Rose is a among some of the most endangered species in Costa Rica and there are roughly 300 left in rainforests. Due to various reasons such as illegal pet trade, the black market and habitat loss, Great Green Macaws are facing near extinction.

Rose was brought to us from a pet case. She was being kept in a person’s kitchen eating away at their cabinets and furnishings. Luckily, the previous owners gave up Rose and now she is houses at the Ranch. However, she suffers from severe plucking of feathers and a handicapped wing. Her condition has deemed her unable to be reintroduced back into the wild.

Rose has regained natural behaviors and is gaining feather follicles on her chest where she has plucked herself bare. She has proven to be happier on the Ranch and continues to crunch her way through plenty of wood, which is a very natural and healthy behavior.


Scarlet Macaw

Meet Charley. Charley is a Scarlet Macaw that was brought to us with deformed feet. Unfortunately, the Ranch was unable to rehabilitate Charley’s handicap.

Charley was unable to perch herself on branches do to his inability to grasp with his feet. It was difficult providing Charley with the needed support to teach her how to successfully balance. That is until Rosita came to the rescue. Rosita was a fellow Scarlet Macaw that became good friends with Charley. Rosita was able to teach Charley to balance on a perch by providing her with support. She did this by pushing her up against herself and the wall of the enclosure. With this support Charley was able to use her handicap to balance.

Today, thanks to Rosita’s support and Charley’s diligence she is able to navigate in her enclosure!

Charley has been ADOPTED!

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