Spectacled Owl

Meet Sarapiqui. She is a beautiful Spectacled Owl that arrived from MINAE with a severely broken wing and a head injury from being hit by a truck in Braulio Carrillo. She had a collapsed wing, and was completely unresponsive for several days upon her arrival.

After consulting with colleagues in the United States and the local vets here we devised a treatment plan and she slowly recovered. Her wing was fractured in two places and we battled a bone infection among other traumas.

Large owls weight can around two lbs (she’s 950 grams) and eat large rodents. Costs for Sarapiqui’s maintenance is about $2.00 per day, so adopting Sarapiqui would be tremendously helpful.

Sarapiqui is up for ADOPTION.


Striped Owl

Meet Athena. She is a Striped Owl that was rescued by a group of boys from their neighborhood dogs. Striped Owls nest on the ground, or close to the ground, so she might of just wandered away from the nest and found herself in a mess. Leslie hand fed her for a couple of months and she is very tame and interested in her surroundings. She unfortunately was not able to learn to hunt since she has been in captivity from a young age.

There was a hurricane and the roof of her enclosure flew off and she flew away. For a week we put food out every night. Yet, on the eighth day at 2 a.m., Leslie heard the chickens making a noise and told Jorge to go check on them. Jorge came over to the bedroom window and said, “Les, you better get up and come out here, there is a large owl sleeping with the chickens!” It was Athena! She found her way home and entered the only cage that was open! Today, Athena has had owlets of her own.

Athena is up for ADOPTION.

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