Salty Mermaid | Save the Toucan Bikini


100% of the profits from these specially designed styles help Toucan Rescue Ranch. So every dollar you’re spending on that ‘kini, Mermaids, is helping some little creature’s life just a tad bit better.


Salty Mermaid & the Save the Toucans Bikini

Salty Mermaid is a swimming suit label that loves to support causes that they care about.  In 2018 Salty Mermaid became a $5,000 Sloth Badge Corporate Sponsor to help support the theme to their TRR swimsuit – toucans – it’s called Save the Toucans Bikini.  The swimsuit is made from recycled fabrics.

A little more from Salty Mermaid:

You know we’re no stranger to doing our part to make the world a better place–one bikini at a time. This season we were so inspired by the work happening at Toucan Rescue Ranch and their mission and of course all of the cute little animals on site. We always strive to partner with organizations who are extremely active and true to their mission. We instantly knew that TRR didn’t miss a bit when it came to giving care and really putting the animals in a position to live their best lives. Plus, it made sense to develop a cute bikini to celebrate their efforts.



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