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Have you visited the Toucan Rescue Ranch while on vacation? Or, have you read our RESIDENTS page and fell in love with some toucans, parrots, sloths, owls or other mammals? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a family member or friend during the holidays or a birthday? Consider adopting at the Toucan Rescue Ranch! By adopting an animal you will completely funding that animal. Find out more information below...

Types of Adoptions

Classic Adoption:

You will be contributing to your adoptee’s ongoing food and care. You will receive an ADOPTION CERTIFICATE and thank you email with your tax deductible information. The Classic Adoption pays for your adoptee's costs for roughly 3-months. You can adopt a specific animal or your favorite species at the Ranch.
Cost: $100


Exclusive Adoption:

You will be providing food and care for your adopted animal for roughly 1-year! You will receive an ADOPTION CERTIFICATE. Your certificate will be put on TRR's website as exclusively adopted. You will receive an email with your tax deductible information and thank you. You will also receive newsletter updates about your adopted animal throughout the year.
Cost: $500 or $42 per month (12 recurring payments)

Send us an Adoption Inquiry

We respond to emails usually within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply in your INBOX please check your SPAM folder.


You will be directly contributing to your adoptee’s ongoing food and care. Adopt a Toucan, a Sloth, a Macaw, an Otter, an Owl or one of the many other birds or animals we care for here at the Ranch.



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Toucan Rescue Ranch is a charitable organization and solely depends on donations. We do not receive any government funding from Costa Rica. If you want to help the Ranch with its mission and vision please consider giving. We have various campaigns open on crowdfunding websites for specific projects. You also have the option of donating towards a specific animal by adopting. Not only can you donate towards a crowdfunding campaign, but you can also donate to operating costs. It is very expensive running a rescue facility and by donating towards operating costs you will help house and feed the wildlife at the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

  • United States Charitable Non-Profit Organization, EIN: 80-0516453
  • Costa Rica Charitable Organization: 300667701803

Get Involved with the Toucan Rescue Ranch by Donating!

To fulfill our mission, we work with a model that achieves the rescue of rainforest animals and conservation through education and research. As a charitable organization, we are supported through donations like yours. In giving, you can be sure that your financial support will directly promote the health and wellbeing of our rainforest rescued animals, to improve and secure the quality of their lives, and the life of our planet. Your support helps us purchase the correct diets for our animals, pay for medical care, safe and appropriate housing and enclosures. As well as a small full-time staff who provide our rescued animals with high quality care.

  • Donate on our website to help with operating costs
  • Donate your time by volunteering
  • Donate towards specific campaigns via crowdfunding on Razoo
  • Use smile.amazon.com every time you shop and support Toucan Rescue Ranch
  • Go to iGive and shop to support us when you buy items online
  • Buy from our online store with Zazzle

  • Donate medical supplies for our clinic
  • Donate special merchandise for our gift shop
  • Donate dietary supplements such as toucan pellets from the United States
  • You can purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist 

  • Come visit us and stay in our bed and breakfast
  • When you’re in Costa Rica take a tour and meet our animals and learn the Toucan Rescue Ranch story
  • Initiate your own fundraising campaign, contact zara@toucanrescueranch.org for ideas.
  • Adopt an animal and help pay for their living costs
  • Create an education presentation with our Education Program with your classmates or students

Contact us and we’ll help you plan your own fundraising campaign benefiting the Ranch. Leslie Howle, Co-Founder, is available via SKYPE to bring a variety of rainforest education presentations directly to your classroom, community group or family. This exciting virtual presentation allows your group to experience the Toucan Rescue Ranch and its’ incredible birds and animals in real time. Email Carol at carol@toucanrescueranch.org to schedule an education presentation.

Volunteer at the Toucan Rescue Ranch

Learn about Volunteer's Experiences

Get involved by volunteering at The Toucan Rescue Ranch! Contributing as a volunteer, you are provided a unique experience, gaining an in depth understanding about our mission. As a volunteer, you can assist in the daily activities of running the Toucan Rescue Ranch, or you may offer your particular skills to focus on specific projects.

All volunteers start the day chopping fruit and vegetables for the day’s feedings. Depending on the number and chopping skills of the volunteers, this can take a few hours. When the day’s food is ready, they move on to other activities. Other activities vary depending on the current needs of the Ranch.

  • Feed the wildlife
  • Cleaning enclosures
  • Enclosure enrichment
  • Help with yard maintenance
  • Office work
  • Start a project

Depending on the volunteer’s background and personality, they may be asked if they would like to help with other responsibilities. Activities are optional. Volunteers are observed on how a they handle themselves around wildlife to determine further responsibility.

  • Feed sloths
  • Clean bird enclosures
  • Become a tour guide

Activities dealing with wildlife require that they wear a protective hat as well as protective goggles. Let us know if you can offer a special skill in your volunteer application.

When working with animals it’s important to understand the risks you take. The Toucan Rescue Ranch insures both the volunteer’s safety as well as the wildlife. Please provide allergy or other medicines needed. Also, to ensure we can provide medical care we require proof of medical insurance as well as a current tetanus shot.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • One month time commitment
  • Basic Spanish
  • Tetanus shot

(Preference is given to volunteers with animal related education/training or experience.)



  • 18 years of age
  • Tetanus shot
  • One day per week time commitment

  • Standard schedule is five days a week from 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Two days off a week.
  • Weekends do not include Saturday and Sunday due to it being our busiest times
  • Volunteer fee: $50 per week

Housing is not provided at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, however, we do provide housing listed below (prices may vary):

  • Option 1: Homestays with local families. Normally including a bedroom, bathroom, three meals per day. Cost is $500-$700 per month. Most provide laundry service or access to laundry facilities, WiFi. Walking distance to the Ranch or a local bus is available.
  • Option 2: Rent a volunteer apartment from a North American couple and prepare your own meals. The apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, small living room area, and kitchenette. Cost is $125 per week. Access to laundry facilities and WiFi. Walking distance to the Ranch.

If you’d like to be a volunteer, please complete the following Volunteer Application. We will contact you to schedule a Skype interview with Carol, our Volunteer Coordinator.

If you do not receive a reply in your INBOX please check your SPAM folder.

Become an Intern

Get involved by volunteering at The Toucan Rescue Ranch! By contributing as a Volunteer, you are provided a unique experience, gaining an in-depth understanding of our mission and the animals we serve. As a volunteer, you will assist in the daily activities of running the Toucan Rescue Ranch and may offer your particular skills to focus on specific projects.

Watch a Video about working at the Toucan Rescue Ranch

Caring for our residents is of paramount importance. Our staff, volunteers and interns begin each day by ensuring our animals are fed and cared for. Depending on the internship you’re applying for, you will be responsible for various tasks and activities.

For our internships you will receive a greater experience with potential direct animal contact and care, our staff will work with interns to determine appropriate curriculum and activities to meet specific educational needs and interests while leveraging their existing animal care experience.

Click to review our available internship positions:

Our interns must be 18 years of age or older, provide proof of health insurance and current tetanus vaccination and have basic Spanish skills.

Depending on the type of internship you choose you will be required to work for a 3-month minimum or 6-month minimum commitment, a longer time commitment is preferred. You must have education, training or experience working with animals.

Internships are voluntary self-funded positions. You will be responsible for all travel expenses/flights and immigration expenses. To better understand what your internship includes please review each internship description.

Local interns are greatly appreciated and requires similar age and vaccination prerequisites. We ask for you to still follow the necessary requirements of an international volunteer.


Toucan Rescue Ranch does not provide volunteer housing but, if requested, can assist our Volunteers in securing appropriate housing in the nearby neighborhood. Options may include:

  • Homestays with local families. Lodging typically includes a bedroom, bathroom and three meals per day. Cost ranges from $600-$800 a month. Most provide laundry access and WiFi. Many options are walking distance to the Ranch or a local bus is available.
  • A volunteer apartment with a North American couple. The apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, small living room area and kitchenette allowing preparation of meals. Access to laundry facilities and WiFi is included at a cost is $125 per week. The unit is walking distance to the Ranch.
  • Staying with fellow interns and volunteers at TRR volunteer housing. Housing includes a bedroom (private/shared), bathroom and a full kitchen. Costs is roughly $800. Laundry access and WiFi. 5-minute walk from the Ranch.

Regardless of your role, we are committed to providing a rich volunteer opportunity that utilizes your unique skills to help Toucan Rescue Ranch achieve its mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and hopefully, releasing wildlife back to its natural habitat. Your health and safety are of utmost concern to us during your volunteer assignment. While working with animals, it’s important to understand and minimize the risks you take to ensure your own safety and that of our wildlife. We’ll work to provide our Volunteers with appropriate training and protective gear throughout their stay.

If you would like to be a part of the TRR team, please complete our Internship Application Process by sending the following documents to info@toucanrescueranch.org

  • One-page cover letter of interest
  • CV or resume
  • 3-5-minute video explaining why you feel you’re the right candidate for the position (MOV file)
  • Contact information for three professional references

We will promptly contact you to schedule a Skype interview after reviewing your application. If you have any questions we are always available via email to answer any questions.