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Toucan Rescue Ranch is a charitable organization and solely depends on donations. We do not receive any government funding from Costa Rica. If you want to help the Ranch with its mission and vision please consider giving. We have various campaigns open on crowdfunding websites for specific projects. You also have the option of donating towards a specific animal by adopting. Not only can you donate towards a crowdfunding campaign, but you can also donate to operating costs. It is very expensive running a rescue facility and by donating towards operating costs you will help house and feed the wildlife at the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

  • United States Charitable Non-Profit Organization, EIN: 80-0516453
  • Costa Rica Charitable Organization: 300667701803


Have you visited the Toucan Rescue Ranch while on vacation? Or, have you read our RESIDENTS page and fell in love with some toucans, parrots, sloths, owls or other mammals? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a family member or friend during the holidays or a birthday?  Consider adopting at the Toucan Rescue Ranch! By adopting an animal you will completely funding that animal. Find out more information on our ADOPTION page.



Do you want to help the Toucan Rescue Ranch with a more hands-on approach? Get involved by volunteering! By contributing as a volunteer, you are provided a unique experience, gaining an in depth understanding about our mission and the process of taking in rescued birds and animals and their rehabilitation. As a volunteer, you can assist in the daily activities of running the Toucan Rescue Ranch or you may contribute your particular skills to focus on specific projects.

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Everyone at the Toucan Rescue Ranch greatly appreciates your efforts in supporting our mission. Whether you are an individual, a family, a school or a community group, we welcome your own fundraising efforts in support of the Ranch. Initiate your own campaign for the Ranch!

A few ideas and past fundraisers:
  • Adopt a rescued animal
  • Host a pancake breakfast or car wash
  • Hold a raffle or auction
  • Throw a toucan or sloth themed party
  • Have an art contest
  • Sell a product
  • Have a rainforest music concert
  • Throw your own fundraiser on a crowdfunding site  

The ideas are limitless and we are always encouraging new and fun ideas!                 


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