Take an Educational Walk with the Toucan Rescue Ranch

While you are in Costa Rica, the best way to learn about the Toucan Rescue Ranch is to come take an Educational Walk. We are a Costa Rican licensed Wildlife Refuge Center located just 30 minutes from downtown San Jose. View and book our selection of tours below. Online ticket purchases REQUIRED.


TICKET PURCHASE REQUIRED: No public access except with an Educational Walk ticket purchase. Closed Sundays.

COMPRA DE BOLETO REQUERIDO: Cerrado al público excepto con compra de entradas para caminar. Cerrado los domingos.


Join the Classic Ranch Educational Walk. An opportunity rich with individual stories of rescued wildlife! During the presentation and walk you will be told fun facts about each species by our knowledgeable guides. If you are just starting your adventures in Costa Rica you can also learn how to spot certain species in the wild! The walk includes an introduction presentation explaining TRR history, mission, and programs as well as a walk of the property sharing the large variety of parrots, macaws, owls, sloths, spider monkeys, weasels, and more! This is great for both national and international audiences and teaches about the importance of conservation and what it takes to run a premier wildlife rescue center.

The gate opens 15-minutes before your reservation.

Duration:  2-hour
Adult (11+ years) : $35 | Children (6-10 years): $17 | 5 years & younger: Free| Costa Rica Nationals: Half-price (this walk is in English)

Clásica del Rancho en Español

Visita el Toucan Rescue Ranch para una caminata guiada en español alrededor del rancho, donde podrás conocer nuestro trabajo y a los animales del refugio. Esta visita está llena de historias de rescates de animales que forman parte nuestra fauna silvestre como: loros, guacamayas, buhos, perezosos, martillas, monos arana, puercoespines, comadrejas, nutrias, aves rapaces y más! Con esta visita estamos buscando enseñarle a la comunidad local, a costarricenses y a los turistas sobre la importancia de la conservación, darles datos importantes acerca de la selva y sus animales y contarles lo que significa ser un centro de rescate de fauna silvestre en Costa Rica.

La puerta se abre 15 minutos antes de su reserva.

Duración:  2-horas
Donación solicitada: Adulto (11 años o más):$35 | Niños (6-10 años): $17 | Niños (5 años o menos): No pagan entrada | Costarricenses (Solo Nacionales): Mitad de precio (Se le solicitará presentar su cédula a la entrada de la visita.)


Do you LOVE sloths? What about coffee and delicious pastries? Enjoy both during our Slothies & Coffees Educational Walk! This experience is designed for people who simply can’t get enough of sloths. Sip some delicious brew made from our partners Cafe Britt while watching young sloths enjoy their morning exercise, breakfast, and sometimes even a bathroom break! This educational walk is a truly special opportunity for all those sloth lovers out there! Includes: 30-minutes devoted to sloths, coffee and snacks, an introduction explaining TRR's history, mission, and programs, as well as a walk of the property to meet the dozens of different species rescued at the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

The gate opens 15-minutes before your reservation.

Duration:  2 ½ Hours
Adult (11+ years): $60 | Child (6-10 years): $30 | 5 years & younger: Free

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