Take a Tour of the Ranch

While you are in Costa Rica, the best way to learn about the Toucan Rescue Ranch is to come and take a tour. We are a Costa Rican licensed Wildlife Refuge Center located just 20 minutes from downtown San Jose.

The tour is rich with the individual stories of the rescued animals, including a large variety of parrots, macaws, owls, two-toed and three-toed sloths, kinkajous, spider monkeys, porcupines, otters, other raptors, jungle cats and much more!

Start times: 9am and 2pm    

Duration: 2 hours

Donation Requested:
Adult: $35
6-10 Years: $17
Under 6: Free

Acompaña a uno de nuestros guías experimentados en una aventura por el Rancho, en la cual aprenderás acerca de la historia del TRR y algunas historias sobre rescates.  Sin dejar de lado una caminata por la propiedad, donde conocerás y tomarás fotografías de los varios animales rescatados y en rehabilitación, entre ellos tucanes, loras, aves rapaces, lapas, perezosos de dos dedos y de tres dedos, martillas, monos araña, felinos salvajes, puercoespines, un tolomuco, una nutria y grisones.

Hora de inicio:  Sábados a las 10 am
Duración: 2 horas
Donación solicitada:
Adulto: $35
6-10 años: $17
Menores de 6: gratis
*Costarricenses:  50% descuento

After you enjoy breakfast, visit with TRR staff while they feed the baby sloths. TRR Staff have extensive knowledge about sloths and the other animals at the Ranch and have many great stories to tell you. After breakfast, enjoy the Ranch Tour with one of our guides.

Start time: 8am    Duration: 3 hours

Donation Requested:
Adult: $60
6-10 Years: $30
Under 6: Free

With your own guide, you can tailor your tour and spend more time with the birds and animals you’re most interested in.

Duration: 2 hours    

Donation Requested:
Up to 6 people: $275
Each additional person: $45

After enjoying your lunch from Sibu Chocolates, spend an hour with Leslie, the co-founder and primary caregiver. While visiting, Leslie will feed the baby sloths…. a special experience. View our clinic while Leslie tells you about the rescued animals in our care. Then enjoy a tour of the Ranch with one of our guides.

Duration: 3 hours   (not available Sunday or Monday)

Donation Requested:
Up to 6 people: $485
Each additional person: $55


× Confirmed reservations required.
Because we are a rescue center, there is no public access except with a tour reservation.

We are closed Sundays.

We respond to reservation requests within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply in your INBOX please check your SPAM folder.