Ivette Sirias

Ivette Sirias has lived in San Isidro, Costa Rica for 25 years. Her first job was at a company that offered laundry services, nine years later she became the administrator of the business until she got very sick and had to quit her job. After four years of recuperation, she started searching for a job but didn’t want to work at a stressful place that would affect her health. A friend told her about an open position at the Toucan Rescue Ranch and since Ivette has always loved animals, she applied. The day after the interview she was hired! Ivette has a very special place in TRR’s heart due to her charm and dedication. Ivette tells everyone that this job is like her therapy, she recovered her health. She loves working with animals and feels good about doing something useful and meaningful.

Ivette oversees daily operations in the outdoor animal kitchen where she advises volunteers and interns on animal diets, food preparation, and general care. She is the reason we are able to keep hundreds of animal residents and patient animals happy and healthy. Ivette has proven to be a crucial role at TRR. She works effortlessly with experienced and inexperienced volunteers and is a working component to the success of the Toucan Rescue Ranch!