• The Sloth Journals

    Lenny, Male Two-Fingered Sloth Age: ~ 10 months Place of Origin: TilaránCurrent Weight: 1.6 kg (he probably hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet)Nickname: Toffee Jr.Special Talents: Holding his bladder Level of Fluffiness: 8/10 Lenny is the second-most fluffy baby sloth in the group. At first, it may appear that he is jealous of Toffee’s fluffiness, but he’s really just enjoying his Level 8 status. Unlike Toffee, Lenny has an entirely different superpower- holding his bladder for extended periods of time. As the days pass, Lenny’s belly expands in size with each meal until he sports an impressive sumo wrestler stomach. When the time is right, Lenny will unload a mighty… well, we can spare you the details. As with Toffee, sloth nannies must not be tempted to cuddle the exceptionally fluffy Lenny. Fortunately, Lenny is not terribly fond of being picked up, and will remind anyone that attempts to handle him with a not-so-friendly bite.   Happy #SlothSunday!    You can adopt sloths like Lenny by going to our ADOPTION page and symbolically adopting him!    Written by intern Ana Maria Villada | Read more stories like this on our newsletter! 

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