• Emma’s New Playground

    Do you remember when we were fundraising for Emma the Otter? We had big dreams to build her a large otter habitat where she could swim, fish and run. Well, thanks to many generous donations, we finally have an otter aquarium right in the heart of the Toucan Rescue Ranch. All the staff and volunteers have been patiently waiting as construction started in early February. Now the pool is in its last stages before Emma will be able to go otterly crazy in her new home! The Toucan Rescue Ranch hopes that one day other otters who need rescue can join Emma in her habitat. Not only does she have more space, but she now will have the opportunity to receive more enrichment such as live fish to hunt and eat! We would like to thank all of those who donated, shared and supported Emma as we raised funds for her new home. Projects like this wouldn’t be possible without the continuous support of people like you. You can view Emma's crowdfunding campaign here!  For more updates about Emma, follow our Facebook page! 

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