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Learn with the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Get involved by becoming an intern at The Toucan Rescue Ranch! By contributing as an intern, you are provided a unique experience, gaining an in-depth understanding of our mission and the animals we serve. Depending on which internship you apply for you will be working in the clinic, assisting our veterinarian, providing husbandry for rescued sloths, involved with the release and tracking of released wildlife and so forth.

Caring for our residents is of paramount importance. Our staff, volunteers and interns begin each day by ensuring our animals are fed and cared for. Depending on the internship you’re applying for, you will be responsible for various tasks and activities.For our internships you will receive a greater experience with potential direct animal contact and care, our staff will work with interns to determine appropriate curriculum and activities to meet specific educational needs and interests while leveraging their existing animal care experience.Click to review our available internship positions:

Our interns must be 18 years of age or older, provide proof of health insurance and current tetanus vaccination as well as have basic Spanish speaking skills.

Depending on the type of internship you choose you will be required to work for a 6-month minimum commitment, a longer time commitment is preferred. You must have education, training or experience working with animals. As a part of the application process we will ask for 3-professional references.

Internships are voluntary self-funded positions. You will be responsible for all travel expenses/flights and immigration expenses as well as any border runs regarding your Visa you may have to do during your stay. To better understand what your internship includes please review each internship description.

¡Agradecemos y motivamos a los pasantes locales! Requerimos que tenga 18 años o más, que tenga seguro de salud y sea estudiante de algo relacionado con animales. Se le pedirá que tenga los mismos requisitos que un voluntario internacional. Si es una solicitud formal, por favor completa los puntos a continuación.
Proceso de Aplicación:
  • Carta de interés de una página
  • Currículum Vitae
  • Video de 3-5 minutos que explica por qué siente que es el candidato adecuado para el puesto (archivo MOV)
  • Información de contacto con tres referencias profesionales
Por favor envíe esta información a Janet a

The Toucan Rescue Ranch provides housing for international interns:

  • The Intern House: Here you will be staying with fellow interns at the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Housing includes a bedroom (private and/or shared), 2-bathrooms, common area and kitchen. The house is in a safe gated community where there is laundry access and WiFi. The house is located off grounds and is a 5-minute walk to/from the Ranch.
  • The Sloth House: Depending on your internship position you may be staying in the Sloth House located on TRR grounds. This is a small cabin with a shared bedroom, small common area, kitchenette and 1-bathroom.  There is laundry access and Wi-Fi.
  • Release Site House: If you are applying for a Release Site internship you will be located at our Release Site in a remote area in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica. Housing includes a bedroom (private and/or shared), 2-bathrooms, common area and kitchen with some laundry access. Wi-Fi included. The house is located on TRR Release Site grounds.

Meals are provided for all 6-month (and longer) interns. 

Regardless of your role, we are committed to providing a rich internship opportunity that utilizes your unique skills to help Toucan Rescue Ranch achieve its mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife. Your health and safety are of utmost concern to us during your internship assignment. While working with animals, it’s important to understand and minimize the risks you take to ensure your own safety and that of the wildlife. We’ll work to provide our interns with appropriate training and protective gear throughout their stay.

If you would like to be a part of the TRR team, please complete our Internship Application Process by sending the following documents to

  • Title email INTERN APPLICANT
  • One-page cover letter of interest
  • CV or resume
  • 3-5-minute video explaining why you feel you’re the right candidate for the position (MOV file)
  • Contact information of three professional references

We will promptly contact you to schedule a Skype interview after reviewing your application. If you have any questions we are always available via email to answer any questions.