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Life As The Animal Husbandry Intern!

Toucan Rescue Ranch’s dedication to wildlife goes beyond rescues and releases. We provide a lifelong home for many permanent residents who have found refuge in our sanctuary. Ensuring their health, happiness, and overall well-being is the biggest responsibility of our dedicated Animal Husbandry Intern. 

Caring for Permanent Residents

Our Animal Husbandry Internship is a unique opportunity to care for our cherished permanent residents. The animal husbandry intern is the right hand of the Animal Husbandry coordinator. These animals rely on them daily, from feeding and habitat maintenance to crafting engaging enrichment activities. 

By joining the Animal Husbandry Internship, you become a guardian of well-being, ensuring that our permanent residents enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Your daily interactions and meticulous care influence their happiness, health, and contentment. You’ll form a close bond with these animals and witness firsthand the positive impact of your efforts. 

Learning Alongside our Experienced Team

You’ll receive specialized training from experienced caregivers, honing essential animal care and management skills. From observing behaviors to understanding dietary requirements, you’ll develop a comprehensive skill set transferable to future conservation and wildlife management careers.

Operant Conditioning and Enrichment

As an intern, you’ll actively participate in operant conditioning sessions, a technique that uses positive reinforcement to shape desired behaviors. These sessions foster trust between you and the animals and provide essential mental stimulation. You’ll also be able to design and implement enrichment activities, ensuring our residents’ psychological and physical well-being.

Guiding Global Volunteers

You will have the unique opportunity to work with volunteers from all around the world. As an Animal Husbandry Intern, you’ll lead and guide volunteers in daily tasks, sharing your knowledge and passion for wildlife care. Your role extends beyond the sanctuary, contributing to a greater understanding of the importance of wildlife preservation among our diverse volunteer community.

What you will get as an intern at Toucan Rescue Ranch

Picture yourself living amidst the lush beauty of a tropical paradise. Our interns enjoy residing in an environment teeming with biodiversity and natural wonders. During the months you stay here, you will have the chance to explore Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes and experience its culture to the fullest.

Toucan Rescue Ranch is committed to ensuring your comfort during your internship journey. We provide housing and meals, allowing you to focus on your duties as an animal caregiver and enjoy your free time. Our well-equipped facilities offer a safe and nurturing environment where you can learn, grow, and make a difference.

If you’re passionate about wildlife, conservation, and meaningful experiences, the Animal Husbandry Internship offers a transformative journey. Your dedication and hard work will contribute to the mission of Toucan Rescue Ranch, offering a lifelong sanctuary for animals in need.

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