3rd Annual Call for Artists

Help us build an Education Center at our Release Site!

Some of you may have visited Toucan Rescue Ranch and taken a tour of the animal sanctuary, but did you know we also have a second location, our Release Site, in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica? Our Release Site is integral to our mission of getting animals back in the wild.

Why build an education center?

Most of the animals that Toucan Rescue Ranch receives are victims of some kind of human-animal conflict. Electrocutions, car accidents, agrochemicals, loss of habitat, the illegal pet trade, and domestic pets wreak havoc on Costa Rican wildlife. Donations from this campaign will help us educate the local community on the importance of biodiversity, how to mitigate these human-animal conflicts, and to protect future generations by creating healthier ecosystems.

Who will benefit from the education center?

Sarapiqui is a rural region in the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica where you will find a lot of the country’s farmland and agriculture. It is also rich in biodiversity! In addition to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rewilding animals at our Release Site, the Education Center will strengthen the connection community members have with their environment and provide them with important resources to care for their local wildlife.

When farmers can avoid conflicts with wildlife in the first place, they can focus more on the work at hand and animals won’t be harmed. When dogs and cats are kept away from sloths and other wild animals, it can save them both a trip to the vet. A win-win for everyone.

The education center will also be an amazing place to host schools, families, and other larger groups! In addition to implementing important conservation strategies, we also hope to inspire young minds to carry a deep love for nature with them for the rest of their lives!

Make this year’s campaign a success!

In 2020, Toucan Rescue Ranch lead its 2nd annual Call for Artists crowdfunding campaign. During that year’s efforts, we raised $10,799 with 163 donors from all over the world to help us regain our footing and care for animals in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic! Our goal this year is $13,000 and we know you can help us get there!

🌎 This year’s campaign will help us educate and inspire community members to become stewards of wildlife conservation and share this important information with their friends, families, and colleagues, so we can all protect wildlife together!

FOR DONORS: How do I Vote for a piece of artwork? 

💸 $1.00 donated = 1 VOTE. The minimum donation is $5.

To VOTE for a submission:

  • Include the name of the artwork you are voting for when checking out here.
  • Donations MUST be made on this page
  • The artwork that receives the MOST VOTES by the end of the voting period ⌛
    August 12 at 7:00 p.m. Costa Rican Time, 9 pm EST is the WINNER!

Your donation is manually updated on the RANKING SHEET & UPDATES.
You will get a confirmation email from [email protected].

(Youth & Adult categories will each win prizes)


  • $380 TRR gift card (Valid toward all tours, adoptions, & ranch experience)
  • Your design is featured on an exclusive, limited-time T-Shirt for our CustomInk fundraiser!
  • FREE winning CustomInk T-Shirt (Shipped to you!)
  • Printed Artwork Displayed in both of our Education Centers and locations upon completion
  • One (1) Featured Post on Facebook and Instagram


  • $200 TRR gift card (Valid toward all tours, adoptions, & ranch experience)
  • Printed Artwork Displayed in new Education Center upon completion
  • Featured Post on Social Media on Facebook and Instagram


  • $100 TRR gift card (Valid toward all tours, adoptions, & ranch experience)
  • Printed Artwork Displayed in new Education Center upon completion
  • Featured Post on Social Media – Facebook and Instagram

Artwork Submission Guidelines:

SUBMISSION PERIOD July 19th – August 3rd – Submit a high-quality photo or digital copy in PNG or JPEG



  1. You may only submit ONE (1) piece of artwork.
  2. The submission period 🕦 ENDS AUGUST 3rd AT 9:00 P.M. CST.
  3. The artwork must follow the theme of 🌎“OUR WILD WORLD”
  4. There will be a 17 and under youth category and an 18 and over adult category.
  5. Each category will be eligible to win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, for a total of 6 winners!
  6. If you are under 18: you will need permission from a parent or guardian to submit your artwork.
  7. Only artwork submitted through our submission form will be considered for this contest.
  8. 🚫 No photography will be accepted as art submissions. We have a separate campaign for photography, so follow us on social media to learn more about TRR Share Your Shot!

Thank you and let’s raise some money for community outreach and conservation education!