International Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day! Today, August 8th, we celebrate one of the four days that is dedicated to cats every year – four days to celebrate their many unique qualities, similarities, and differences, and to recognize their importance in the animal kingdom.

There is always the question, “Dogs or cats?” Today, the cat lovers rejoice! Throughout the world, all cat lovers will unite, bonded by their unconditional love for their furry friends. A superlative was invented and has been bestowed on many individuals: “the cat lady,” or the woman that will grow old with many domestic cats. The “cat lady” is a funny concept, but in reality, there are many cases of humans domesticating wild cats like pumas, bobcats, leopards, and lions, which belong in the wild. People that love cats have a hard time understanding the line that determines which is a proper pet and which is a wild animal taken into captivity against their will. Today, TRR would like to pay a special homage to the two wild felines that we rescued from illegal captivity.

To support wild cats that have been rescued from the illegal pet trade please consider symbolically adopting! 

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