Valentine’s Day

Become an Animal’s Valentine!

Become an animal’s secret admirer and symbolically adopt them for Valentine’s Day! We have a great Adoption Program with $100 and larger donation options!

Adopt your Favorite Species

$100 Classic Adoption:

You will be contributing to your adopted species’ ongoing food and care. You will receive an ADOPTION CERTIFICATE and thank you email with your tax-deductible information. The Classic Adoption pays for your adopted species costs for roughly 3-months. You can choose from the selection of species we care for here at the Toucan Rescue Ranch! Learn more about the species available for Classic Adoption by clicking the link below or visiting our SHOP page.

Adopt your Favorite Character

$500 Celebrity Adoption:

You will be providing food and care for your favorite character at the Ranch for roughly 1-year! You will receive a personalized ADOPTION CERTIFICATE and email with your tax-deductible information along with a thank you letter. As well as periodic updates about your adopted animal and a TRR personal contact so you can ask all about your animal and how they’re doing. You can choose between a selection of your favorite characters (i.e. Emma the otter or Jazz the spider monkey) that are permanently cared for at the Ranch.


Parrot Oasis: Help a Retired Parrot

$50 Parrot Oasis Adoptions

The objective of #ParrotOasis is to contribute to your favorite adopted parrot’s ongoing food, husbandry, and general/medical care, as well as enrichment projects related to the species.

Your $50.00 donation will help pay for vital enrichment to satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of animals and allows them to live as they would in the wild and perform natural behaviors: animals must find food, defend territories, escape predators and build homes in order to survive… So why not make this available in the Retirement Home enclosures? This in turn will create both a comfortable and natural environment for the parrots to live out their lives as residents at Toucan Rescue Ranch.