World Animal Day

Happy World Animal Day! There is no question that animals have always had a great impact on the lives of humans. History is proof of this: the sacred and revered felines of Egypt; the strength and power of horses in the New World; the life-saving warning of a canary in a coal mine; and, of course, the love and faithfulness of domesticated dogs today.

We have all had different experiences with animals. Many of us have been drawn to a certain type of animal throughout our lives. What does World Animal Day mean to you? Are you a dog lover? Or maybe you used to ride horses when you were little. Or, maybe you’re a birder! Regardless of where your love falls, today is important because it’s the day for all animals.

As we celebrate this fun holiday, you can use your voice – it’s easy with social media to spread awareness for your furry, feathered, scaley, spikey, shelly, wooly friends! Share a fun fact that most people don’t know. Post the weird quirks or funny habits of your favorite animal. Tell the world something fascinating! Most importantly, give that animal some extra lovin’ (if you can).

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