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Everything You Need to Know about the TRR Share Your Shot Fundraiser

Hi everyone! My name is Ally Chamberlin, and I am TRR’s current Marketing Intern from Chicago, IL. I am the project organizer for the #TRRShareYourShot Fundraiser, which only has 3 days left to raise funds for a new, larger, and more brand new toucan Pre-Release Enclosure!! With time running out, I’m here today to give you ALL the information you need to know about #TRRShareYourShot.

Watch Jerry and Frank grow!

Project Inspiration 

First, let’s meet the keel-billed toucans that have inspired this project:

Frank: Frank is Jerry’s best friend and brother! Frank is the more energetic of the two. He can always be found hopping around from branch to branch, inspecting his enclosure and his food. He is growing big and strong and excited for his training to be released back in the trees. The aim of this project is to release offspring like Jerry – so we can help declining numbers of wild Keel-Billed toucans.

Jerry: Sweet, sweet Jerry hatched in the same clutch as his brother, Frank this past breeding season at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in our captive breeding program. Jerry is a bit shyer than his brother Frank and likes to relax in the canopy of his enclosure throughout the day. I like to think of him as the ‘guard’ of his enclosure – always looking from below to make sure everything is running smoothly! His hope is that people who participate in the fundraiser help him and other toucans like him with a pre-release enclosure!

Chicle: Chicle was born a few weeks after Jerry and Frank, but they have the same parents! Chicle was incubated and raised as an only chick. Although a bit younger, he is already growing handsomely and flying, hopping, and eating completely on his own! He is very independent. Everyone at Toucan Rescue Ranch knows he is very excited to be a wild and free toucan – but still needs a spacious pre-release enclosure before he and his brothers can be safely released #backinthetrees!

Samson: Samson was born just 4 days ago by the same parents as Frank, Jerry, and Chicle! A bit of a late bloomer, he was recovered from his nest in our toucan Breeding Program and incubated by Founder, Leslie Howle. He was born healthy, featherless, and ready for some food! He was generously named by the Baumel family, the highest donors, of our recent Naming Contest with the #TRRShareYourShot fundraiser. He will be on the same path as his older, feathered, brothers. We are excited to eventually introduce him to his large Pre-Release Enclosure at our Release Site where he will have the opportunity to live freely in the wild! 

Our Goal

With now four young, healthy toucans building up their strength and needing a larger temporary home, a couple of bright minds at TRR stuck our heads together and came up with the #TRRShareYourShot Photography Contest.

The goal of this fundraiser is to firstly, raise the money needed to build these toucans the enclosure they deserve and to continue to support our toucan breeding program in years to come. Secondly, to inspire photographers around the world to share their love of animals and wildlife with us!

I chose a photography contest because I have been passionate about photography, specifically wildlife photography for my entire life. Visual storytelling is powerful and I believe it is one of our greatest strengths to raise awareness and advocate for change!

Where We Are Right Now

So far, we have received a total of 60 photos with the age range starting at 10 and going all the way up to the 70s! Photographers are encouraged to raise money for their photo to earn votes ($1 = 1 vote) and to have a chance at the grand prize: a free 2-Night Ranch Experience at TRR which includes many photo ops, a personal tour, lunch with our founder, and a visit to our Release Site in the rainforests of Sarapiqui, Costa Rica! Regardless of the winner, our hope is that all the participants can make it out to us once the enclosure is built and can actually see their efforts and hard work from this project in real life, housing, and releasing toucans when they are ready.

Get Involved

The Entry Period for #TRRShareYourShot has ended. Now, it is the voting period, where anyone around the world can contribute to our fundraiser through a donation to a photographer’s photo on MightyCause. 

All the photo submissions can be found on our Facebook page with the name of the photographer, the title of their submission, and a link to vote for their photo! If you would like to donate to our fundraising goal and support one of the photographers, simply donate through MightyCause by dedicating your donation to the photo of your choosing! Instructions on how to do this can be found in the quick video below: 

How to dedicate your donation.

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization, and we do not receive any funding from the government- we depend on our visitors, donors, and supporters around the globe (people like you!) to keep the animals healthy and happy! Every little bit helps and 100% of all funds raised will be going to the construction of the new Toucan Pre-Release Enclosure. A break down of funds can be viewed on our MightyCause page,

Please consider helping us reach our goal and become a proud member of the Toucan Rescue Ranch family today! We are forever grateful.


  1. Savannah says:

    I love animals and I wish you can release Frank and Jerry

    • Zara Palmer says:

      Hi, yes, they did go through our Release Program! Thanks for checking in.

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