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Deformed & Kept As Illegal Pet, Then Abandoned

Everyone deserves a chance at life, no matter how small: Meet Scooter!

This handsome man is a crimson-fronted parakeet, who – up until recently – was being kept as someone’s illegal pet. He arrived at Toucan Rescue Ranch after he being abandoned at a veterinary clinic by his previous owner.

As you can see, Scooter was born with a malformation on both his legs. We believe that – once his owner realized Scooter was not going to get better – he left him. thought he wasn’t worth saving and left him forever, to be someone else’s problem. 

When Scooter got here, he stole everyone’s hearts. Since he is still very young, his personality has become one of the funniest things to watch develop. He loves to dance to a good beat, mimic everyone’s laugh, interrupt important conversations, and genuinely just enjoys being the center of attention (getting lots of seeds and love!).

So, what’s our plan?

We know Scooter can’t make it on his own in the wild because of his legs, but we still want to give him the best quality of life as a permanent resident of our sanctuary. After doing some research, we discovered that some vets have built wheelchairs for parrots with conditions similar to Scooter’s. Understandably, this is going to be a long process, seeing as parakeets don’t really get wheelchairs made for them all that often. Luckily, there is a team of experts (who actually specialize in making wheelchairs for dogs!) who are on-board, and are more than willing to help this special boy out!

This is where YOU come along! We need to find some very particular materials for Scooter’s chair, to make sure it won’t hurt him and will work effectively with his size and to, ultimately, give him the shot at life he so, so deserves. Please consider donating to Scooter’s wheelchair, and give this little guy the mobility of his dreams!

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