3rd Annual Sloth Ironman Games

Join the Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) for the 3nd Annual Sloth Ironman Games for International Sloth Day!

Watch as your favorite sloth competes in a 2018 Sloth Ironman Games Series. The series includes a 4-part challenge of enrichment activities. The fastest sloth wins! All monies made during the Sloth Ironman Games is put towards each sloth’s release back into the wild. Be on the lookout on our social media for updates leading up to the event!

Toucan Rescue Ranch You can view the event on Facebook or on our YouTube channel.
Each event will be posted on a Facebook event and on our YouTube Channel. A new game each day during the week starting on October 20, International Sloth Day!

Welcome back to the 3nd Annual Sloth Ironman Games!  Hosted by the Toucan Rescue Ranch Sloth Referee by biologist Pedro Montero 

The Sloth Ironman Games is an annual event hosted by TRR to create initiative to donate towards and get people involved with our sloth conservation efforts.

This event is a sloth enrichment game series for four athlete sloths. These games will consist of various challenges that the sloth need to compete in. Progress will be shown after each challenge is completed.


  • Each dollar earned for a sloth athlete is 1-point.  Each event won for a sloth athlete: = 100-points for 1st place = 75-points for 2nd place = 50-points for 3rd pace = 25 points for 4th place


Champion will be announced October 26. All donations for your favorite sloth athlete must be complete via Razoo.com.


1. To earn your favorite sloth athlete points, you must make a minimum donation of $5.00 via razoo.com 2. Each dollar amount is worth 1-point 3. All donations must be made via Razoo campaign 4. When donating for your athlete you must COMMENT their name (i.e. Chispa) to be properly recorded

If you want to learn more about our sloth RELEASE PROGRAM !

There will be a Facebook Event created for exclusive updates about the 2018 Sloth Ironman Games event. Be sure to hop on Facebook and JOIN the event!