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5 Ways You Make a Difference With Your Donation on Giving Tuesday

We’re in times of gratitude!

With #GivingTuesday around the corner, we would like to start by saying we’re incredibly grateful for the people that support us. From our staff, volunteers, and interns, to all our donors! Toucan Rescue Ranch is an organization that solely depends on donations, so this support means everything to us. We wouldn’t be able to fulfill our mission without our community. 

As you probably already know, tomorrow, November 29, is a day we’ve been waiting for: #GivingTuesday! A global event to get people together to support social and environmental causes. So, to inspire you to help us on this special day, we would like to share five ways you make a difference with your donation. 

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1. You’re supporting our #PapayaIsLife fund. 

Feeding is an essential part of our work, and we have a lot of mouths to feed! Weekly, we need around 900 pounds of just Papaya for the animals. On top of this, we must add all the other fruits, vegetables, and proteins for a balanced diet. 

2. You’re helping us to purchase medical supplies and equipment.

Every week we receive cases of injured wildlife that need special treatments from our Vet Team. Medical supplies are constantly required, as well as medical equipment to diagnose and treat the animals that come to our wildlife clinic. As we continue to grow, we need to improve and expand our resources, which can get costly.

You’re giving Costa Rica’s wildlife a second chance in the wild. 

Our ultimate goal will always be to get the animals we receive #backinthetrees. You support our rewilding programs and our Release Site when you donate. Saving Sloths Together is one of our most extensive programs, which aims to rehabilitate and rewild orphan sloths. This journey can take up to two years and involves feeding, medical checkups, enrichment, and general care for many orphan babies. 

You’re giving us a hand in taking care of the permanent residents at our sanctuary. 

Even though we aim to rewild all the animals that come to our rescue center, some are considered unreleasable. For example, when there are injuries that will affect the skills needed to survive in the wild or when an animal is desensitized to humans due to too much human interaction. These animals will remain as educational ambassadors and permanent residents at our sanctuary. They need balanced diets, appropriate enclosures, medical checkups, and enrichments.

You’re sponsoring the interns that come work with us. 

Interns are a BIG part of our team. Their contribution is essential to the different areas of our work, from marketing and education to our clinic and release site team. With your donation, you’re helping us provide housing and meals to interns that come from all over the world to work here. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish all the work without our interns. 

When you donate, you become part of a team working to rescue, rehabilitate, and rewild Costa Rica’s wildlife. Join our mission this #GivingTuesday! Our goal is to raise $5,000.

Become a wildlife hero today!

As a charitable organization, we are solely supported by donations. Donations provide financial support that directly promotes the health and well-being of animals. We promise with your support you’re improving the lives of rescued wildlife and the vitality of our rainforests. 

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a licensed Costa Rica wildlife rescue facility, Costa Rica Foundation (300667701803), and a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization (EIN: 80-0516453).

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