Call for Artists 2023

Welcome to Toucan Rescue Ranch’s Annual Art Fundraiser: Call for Artists!

Toucan Rescue Ranch started an annual art contest in 2016 to raise funds for various projects and programs. In years past, this fundraiser has raised money for new medical equipment, pre-release enclosures, and an education center!

2023 Toucan Rescue Ranch’s Call for Artists will fund our WildMed Fund for THREE MONTHS. This encompasses medicine, procedures such as X-rays, and medical supplies!

🙋What is the WildMed Fund

Toucan Rescue Ranch’s WildMed Fund is a program that provides medical care and rehabilitation to injured and orphaned wildlife in Costa Rica. The fund supports rescuing and rehabilitating animals such as toucans, sloths, monkeys, and other species impacted by habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and other threats.

The program includes a team of veterinarians, interns, and caregivers who work together to provide medical treatment, rehabilitation, and release of these animals back into the wild.


💉How will the WildMed Fund help injured and rescued wildlife in Costa Rica?

The WildMed Fund pays for X-Rays, medicine, and important procedures such as orthopedic surgery, amputations, and CAT scans for injured wildlife. Donations to the fund go directly towards the care and treatment of the animals and the development of new programs and initiatives to protect and conserve wildlife in Costa Rica.

🌎Why is this year’s art theme: Nurturing our Planet?

Toucan Rescue Ranch’s wildlife clinic fosters nurturing injured wildlife by providing a safe and secure environment for them to heal – which is the inspiration behind this year’s art theme. 

Our clinic staff works tirelessly to provide round-the-clock care to their patients. We use innovative medical treatment techniques to ensure each animal receives the best care possible.

Toucan Rescue Ranch has a rehabilitation center where animals can recover and regain their strength before being released into the wild. The vet staff supports our educational programs and outreach initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and the impact of human activities on the environment.

By providing a nurturing environment for injured wildlife, Toucan Rescue Ranch’s wildlife clinic is helping to ensure the survival of many species that might otherwise be lost forever.

An orphaned three-fingered sloth received emergency medical treatment in our clinic.