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Join the Change: Volunteer Now!

Welcome to the Toucan Rescue Ranch’s Volunteer Program! By joining us as a volunteer, you will have the unique opportunity to engage in various essential activities crucial to our wildlife’s well-being and our mission’s success.

The responsibilities of a volunteer are both enriching and gratifying! Volunteers might be invited to assist in various additional tasks depending on background, skills, and personality. This could include anything from administrative work, educational outreach, and event organization to hands-on roles like habitat restoration or animal care. Each volunteer is carefully observed and evaluated on their ability to handle themselves around wildlife. This evaluation helps determine their suitability for more advanced responsibilities, ensuring that both the volunteer experience and the well-being of the wildlife are optimized. By tailoring tasks to the strengths and interests of each individual, the organization ensures that volunteers contribute meaningfully and find their roles fulfilling and rewarding.

Animal Husbandry: 

Volunteers are integral to our animal husbandry efforts. This involves assisting with cleaning enclosures and monitoring animal behavior to ensure they are healthy and happy. Your keen observations and hands-on care are essential to maintaining high standards of care at TRR. Your daily tasks will include preparing and providing nutritious diets tailored to the specific needs of our diverse wildlife residents. You’ll play a vital role in ensuring each animal receives the care and nutrition they require to thrive.

Educational Program Support:

Another important aspect of your role could be supporting our educational programs. This might involve helping to coordinate events, preparing educational materials, or even participating in outreach activities. Educating the public about wildlife conservation is a key component of our mission, and your contribution will help amplify our message.

Enhancing Enclosures and Enrichment: 

You’ll also have the opportunity to improve animal enclosures and provide enrichment activities. Enrichment is vital for our animals’ mental and physical stimulation, and your creativity in developing and implementing these activities will directly enhance their quality of life.

Community and Culture:

Being a part of TRR means joining a passionate community dedicated to wildlife conservation. You’ll work alongside experienced staff and fellow volunteers, sharing knowledge and experiences while making a tangible impact on the lives of the animals we care for.

This role is entirely outdoors, in all weather conditions, and requires moderate physical fitness. Be prepared to get your hands dirty! Discover the various requirements and steps to become a volunteer at the Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? These are a few requirements for joining our toucan team!

  • Commit to at least four weeks or a minimum of 20 days of volunteering, with a preference for longer durations.
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a current tetanus vaccination (good for ten years)
  • Must have two doses of Covid-19 vaccination
  • International emergency medical insurance that covers you while volunteering.
  • Be ready to get dirty, sweaty, tired, and dedicated to working for wildlife.

Your involvement as a volunteer is not just about the tasks you perform, but also about the love and dedication you bring to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Every effort you make contributes to creating a better future for our wildlife residents and supports our rescue, rehabilitation, and release mission. Join us and help make a difference!

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