International Owl Awareness Day

International Owl Awareness Day is the 4th of August. On this merry of days, we celebrate the humble owl in all its wisdom and splendor. It’s a festive day with plenty to do.

So, what can you do as an individual to share the who, what, where, and why? On the 4th August, change your display picture to your favorite kind of owl, wear an owl broach or badge, you could even dress up as an owl. And most importantly, share the knowledge!

So, what we’re hoping for is to raise awareness of owls and owl kind. Change your profile picture to an owl on the 4th of August 2012! And share this page with your friends! Because owls are awesome! You might have been introduced to owls by Harry Potter, or when you were a kid in a coloring book. But where ever they first came into your life, you just came to agree that they’re awesome!

Celebrate with Toucan Rescue Ranch by symbolically adopting an owl!

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