Meet Manuka a Baby Kinkajou! Donate Now!

Orphaned Kinkajou Found Alone, Only A Few Days Old

Meet Manuka, a sweet rescued baby kinkajou! He arrived at our Release Site on March 1, 2021, after being found alone on the ground.

This was strange as he was a newborn, the umbilical cord still attached. By the looks of it, he probably fell from the tree and wasn’t picked back up by mom. Or, something happened to his mom and he was left abandoned. At this age, he would’ve likely died the first night, but luckily he was discovered and the right call was made to bring him to our rescue center for rehabilitation.

He was rescued in Guapiles, near our Release Site on the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica. Due to his size, he was quickly transported to our Headquarters. After a health check, we quickly knew he was only one week old and needed urgent care! Thankfully, all his vitals were healthy and he has been under our founder’s care, Leslie Howle, ever since. She spends many sleepless nights with him, ensuring he grows big and strong with feedings of goat’s milk and Pedialyte every four hours!

We are happy to report that he is been doing well and is growing as we expected – but, being so tiny, he has a long way to go before he’s independent of 24-hour care! Please help us support this baby Kinkajou’s recovery and rehabilitative care. Anything you can spare, $5 or $50, helps immensely in supporting Manuka’s journey and a second chance at life. 

[**None of the rescued wildlife at Toucan Rescue Ranch are considered pets. As a SINAC/MINAE licensed wildlife rescue center and sanctuary, we do not condone wildlife as pets and encourage our community to keep wildlife wild.]

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