The Sloth Journals

Age: ~ One year and nine months
Place of Origin: Guapiles
Current Weight: 2.5 kg
Nicknames: Chai Picante, Nosferatu
Special Talents: Adventuring, sleeping like a vampire
Chai is the eldest of the high school kids (perhaps his size alone being the giveaway). The black coloration of his limbs and body and his habit of sleeping like a vampire give him a gothic theme. While Chai is yet to transform into a bat and fly off into the night, he has an adventurous spirit and will boldly venture off the comfort of the rocking chairs. Chai will descend to the floor, pick a direction and go, even if it’s straight into a wall. As Chai nears maturity, he begins to display adult sloth behavior like hanging on the climbing frame by himself to sleep. In the not-too-distant future, Chai will be heading out to the ranch’s release site to pursue a degree in wilderness studies, and eventually, join his wild companions in the jungle. Meanwhile, his caretakers will be sobbing uncontrollably as they watch their oldest son begin the next chapter of his life. They grow up so fast. *Sniff*

You can symbolically adopt a sloth by visiting our Adoption Program! 

By intern Mitch Deskovick


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