Sloth Journals | Part II

Frodo, Male 2-Fingered Sloth

“Where are you going? W-wait for me!”

Age: ~ One year and two months

Current Weight: 3.5 kg

Place of Origin: Siquirres

Nickname: Mr. Whiney Butt

Special Talents: Holding onto anything like his life depends on it

Frodo has always been, well, clingy. As an elementary school baby, Frodo would grab onto his caretakers as if he was about to suddenly launch off into the stratosphere. Sometimes simply removing him from oneself would result in a torn shirt, or an unintentional scratch mark. Aside from his death grip, Frodo is also known for a special defensive maneuver. When his powers are combined with Pippin (his partner in crime), they will merge into The Indestructible Sloth Ballä. Legend has it that while both sloths are in this form, only the strength of an Olympian god can separate them. If shot out of a cannon and into a steel wall, the sloths would still remain unscathed, leaving behind a mess of scrap metal (this has not actually been tested and never will be, we do not recommend firing any animal out of a cannon regardless of their durability, you weirdo). Now as a more mature high school sloth, Frodo has become comfortable wandering his large climbing frame by himself, just as long as his other high school buddies are still nearby.

Happy #SlothSunday!

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