Sloth Journals | Part II

Pippin, Male Two-Fingered Sloth

“I am NOT a boy!”

Age: ~ One year and two months

Current Weight: 3.2 kg

Place of Origin: Siquirres

Nickname: The Soothsayer

Special Talents: Peering into the future (according to the lore)

Then elementary school sloths Pippin and Frodo arrived at the Ranch only days apart and quickly became BFFs. Later, Pippin started causing trouble with Gimli, climbing onto the ceiling or hiding behind the curtains in the sloth house.  Perhaps Pippin has a preference for bad boys over the more needy Frodo! Initially, it was determined that Pippin was a boy, hence the male hobbit name. Given the difficulty of identifying sloth gender, it was discovered shortly after that Pippin was actually a girl (much to her assumed annoyance). Among her current high school fellowship, Pippin can be recognized by her rounded head and darker brown fur. Perhaps Pippin’s most notable features are her big eyes. While not quite as exaggeratedly telescopic as some past sloths, Pippin’s oculars make her stand out nonetheless. Some of Pippin’s nannies worry about her eyes rolling out of her head like marbles, though this has yet to actually happen, and very likely won’t. One should be careful not to stare into her eyes for too long or else they will forge-

-Wait, what was I talking about? Something about sloths… Actually, where am I right now?

Happy #SlothSunday!

Learn how we are going to put these silly sloths #Backinthetrees

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