Sloth Journals | Part II

Stevie, Female 2-Fingered Sloth

“I’m a gonna bite ya!”

Age: ~ One year

Current Weight: 2.9 kg

Place of Origin: Guápiles

Nickname: Chomps Jr.

Special Talents: Singing karaoke

Stevie is the youngest of the current sloth high school lineup. She is perhaps one of the hardest sloths to tell apart among the roster given her fairly generic appearance. Behavior-wise, however, Stevie is a bit notorious. While Gimli is known for his daring and, um… bite-y-ness, Stevie is known mainly for her, um… bite-y-ness. Stevie has snuck multiple bites on her occupied or distracted caretakers. Why? Because she can. Even when her caretakers syringe-feed her milk, Stevie may suddenly take interest in sinking her teeth into the poor hand holding the syringe. Yet whenever Stevie is separated from her companions, she will whine about her discomfort until she is reunited. As the combo breaker of The Lord of the Rings theme, Stevie was named after the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac. Unfortunately, Stevie’s bite-y behavior was not realized until after being named (apologies to Ms. Nix for the unexpected outcome).


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