Sloth Journals | Part II

Bilbo, Male 2-Fingered Sloth

“Don’t worry, man, everything’s cool.”

Age: ~ One year and two months (probably a few months older)

Current Weight: 4 kg

Place of Origin: Jacó

Nickname: Sasquatch

Special Talents: Being pretty chill, we’ve hung out a few times actually

In a world of aggressive, bite-y baby sloths, Bilbo is the peacemaker. Like many orphaned sloths, Bilbo arrived at the Ranch after being found by himself with no mother in sight. Despite being a little bigger and a little older than his peers, young Bilbo was placed with the elementary school babies. With his gentle and mellow nature, Bilbo became a surrogate father of sorts (or perhaps a brother figure?). All of the smaller babies would pile on top of him like a giant teddy bear, not that he minded, Bilbo had always been content loafing around on the elementary school’s rocking chairs. Now a high school sloth, Bilbo’s classmates are a bit too large to relive their sloth pile days with him, but Bilbo continues to practice his favorite hobby of impersonating a blonde blob. When active, seeing Bilbo’s mass lackadaisical hovering around the climbing frame would remind one of a yellow blimp. As Bilbo’s high school graduation approaches, this blimp will soon be cruising through the rainforest canopy as a free sloth.

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