It’s National Wildlife Day!

A healthy environment is the foundation of human life.

UN Environment

That is why National Wildlife Day (NWD), celebrated twice a year (today and September 4), is so important. The purpose of this holiday is to increase awareness of endangered wildlife all over the world and acknowledge facilities around the globe that support and promote the conservation of wildlife and the environment, such as Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR). Since its creation by conservationist Colleen Paige in 2005, NWD has helped educate, inspire, and stir interest in people worldwide about the environment. This awareness is what leads to important impulses that can turn into strategies for solutions to current problems, such as the increasing amount of endangered plant and animal species.

In our current fast-paced world, our daily life is saturated with information from the technology we rely on. Awareness days such as NWD are of such importance because they help to remind us that everything is interconnected in some way. Our planet is under a lot of pressure by economic growth, usage of natural resources, its resulting pollution, and change of the climate. Factors like these lead to an alarming state for our biodiversity. According to the UN Environment program, roughly 150-200 species go extinct every day, often unnoticed. That is 1,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate! What’s necessary is to find a balance between us and the world we inhabit. We still have the chance to influence these numbers in order to prevent hundreds of extinctions in the future. NWD encourages everyone to do their part to support wildlife that cannot speak for itself.

There are many ways to celebrate this day: donations to conservation organizations, a trip to a local national park, or incorporating this topic into your social life by spreading the word within your network. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature, go out and take a look, absorb the beauty and never stop exploring.

TRR’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release Costa Rican wildlife. TRR works with a model that focuses on conservation, education, and research to ensure a brighter tomorrow for native wildlife. TRR goes through roughly 900 pounds of papaya in just one week! That’s just one of the various nutritious meals the animals need daily. That’s why TRR’s ongoing fund is named #Papayaislife! Donations also help with veterinary services, medical equipment, and enrichment. Why not celebrate by making a donation today?

NWD = National Wildlife Day

Written by Marketing Intern Josephine Repschläger

World Wildlife Day is March 3!

Join us for World Wildlife Day on March 3! This year’s theme is
Life Below Water: for people and the planet.

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