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Celebrating Nature’s Wonders and Inspiring Conservation: Join Us at the Global Biodiversity Festival!

We are thrilled to participate in the Global Biodiversity Festival.

This extraordinary virtual journey takes us to the front of the race to save our planet’s biodiversity. This immersive event brings together scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers, photographers, policymakers, and nature enthusiasts worldwide to spotlight the wonders of biodiversity and the urgent need for its protection.

SAVE THE DATE: May 21, 4:30 pm Eastern Time (2:30 PM Costa Rica Time).

Toucan Rescue Ranch is honored to participate in this esteemed event. Through our involvement, we aim to celebrate the wonders of nature, highlight the importance of wildlife conservation, and share our efforts in protecting and rehabilitating wildlife. Our Tour Coordinator, Andrea Quirós, will share stories, media, and insights from our sanctuary located in San Isidro de Heredia, Costa Rica! It is the perfect opportunity to learn about the beauty and diversity of the wildlife we care for at our sanctuary.

About the Global Biodiversity Festival…

The Global Biodiversity Festival has been a beacon of hope and inspiration for the past three years, broadcasting a remarkable 141 hours of live content featuring 310 speakers from 80 countries. This vibrant platform has taken us on awe-inspiring journeys, from the lush canopy of the Costa Rican rainforest to encounters with the last northern white rhinos in Kenya. We’ve witnessed health checks on kiwis, explored the breathtaking landscapes of Antarctica, and so much more. Year after year, this festival captivates us with its immersive experiences and insightful discussions.

Year 4 of the Global Biodiversity Festival brings an exciting new format, offering a unique global snapshot of biodiversity over the course of a full day. Speakers from countries worldwide will come together to share their knowledge, experiences, and stories of conservation success. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the global efforts to protect our planet’s biodiversity and the challenges we face.

The Global Biodiversity Festival is not only a celebration of the natural world but also a call to action. Participating in this global event makes you part of a passionate community committed to protecting our planet’s biodiversity. We can ignite our collective enthusiasm for conservation and drive positive change through engaging discussions, interactive sessions, and inspiring presentations.

Let’s embrace this unique opportunity to ignite our passion for the natural world and work towards a sustainable and harmonious future!

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