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Internship Program Suspended until 2021


The Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) would like to thank you for your interest in our Internship Program. This program allows TRR to share its mission with individuals while providing a hands-on and authentic educational experience. 

With that being said, we must report our current situation regarding Covid-19 and Costa Rica’s government restrictions. Since mid-March, Toucan Rescue Ranch has closed its doors to the public and implemented strict measures to ensure the safety of its small crew. Since this time, Costa Rica has enforced government regulations such as closing the border to international travel, restricting domestic travel, as well as closing businesses for public safety. Without ecotourism, these restrictions have heavily impacted TRR economically, resulting in difficult budget cuts and halting programs indefinitely.

Sadly, TRR has lost over 50% of its operating income. This has forced us to suspend our Internship Program to cut costs. These cuts are to ensure we survive into the new year. As a part of your internship, you are provided housing and food. At this time, we cannot afford these added costs until ecotourism returns to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Consequently, we are suspending our Internship Program until 2021.

We are asking our newly accepted applicants if they are willing to postpone their service dates until 2021. If you are committed to your dates for 2020, we ask if you are willing to help TRR cover your housing and food costs. If this is not possible, we are prepared to reschedule your dates for a later date that better suits you and Toucan Rescue Ranch.

If you are looking to apply for an internship position at TRR, please keep in mind we will not be accepting applicants until 2021.

We are remorseful to give this sad news. Please email our TRR’s Volunteer Coordinator, Peter Csizmadia at [email protected] for any questions or concerns regarding this announcement.

Kind regards,

Zara Palmer

Marketing Manager | Fundraising & Education Supervisor

Toucan Rescue Ranch

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