10 Reasons to Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary Instead of a Normal Zoo

We understand that when it comes to wildlife, you want to see animals up close that you would otherwise hardly get the chance to see in the wild. And so, the idea of going to a normal zoo sounds like a no-brainer. Nonetheless, we want to present to you why it might be more fun, interesting, and life-changing to join an educational tour with nonprofits like Toucan Rescue Ranch instead of a normal zoo.

Plus, given the current circumstances of Covid-19, this is a great opportunity to experience life outside without having to leave your home!

Here are 10 reasons why you should go on an educational virtual tour with TRR!

1. The story behind each animal is unique.

When you come for an educational walk with us, you get to learn about where each animal came from and their often emotional and thought-provoking story. It’s more about who they are as individuals additionally to showing you their beautiful and exotic characteristics. 

2. You get a 1-on-1 experience with a knowledgeable tour guide.

More often than not, when you go to a zoo, you wonder on your own. With our virtual tours, you get a personalized experience with a tour guide that is trained in biology and knows everything there is to know about each species at the Ranch.

3. You can choose from a variety of tours.

Depending on what you’re after, you can choose from all our different tours! These include the Sloth Feature Virtual Tour, the Meet the Baby Sloths Tour, the Classic Ranch Virtual Tour, or Classroom Tours made for schools. They vary in length, price, and focus – so you can pick what exactly it is you want to learn!

4. By choosing these tours, you’re supporting a good cause.

As you may or may not know, Toucan Rescue Ranch’s focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and rewilding of national wildlife in Costa Rica. We receive and care for confiscated, sick and injured animals from government agencies. This means that when you book a tour with us, you’re helping save even more animals and providing care for current rescued wildlife.

5. By choosing these tours, 100% of your money goes back into the center and how the animals get treated. supporting a good cause.

In addition to the ladder, all the profits we make from your tour goes straight back to the animals’ medical care, enrichment, housing, and professional care.

6. It’s a more personable experience.

We plan our tours ahead of time and, depending on who is buying them, we can accommodate your experience according to your questions or interests, making this a truly personal experience unlike any other!

7. You’ll be supporting rewilding programs.

Unlike most zoos, our animals are meant to stay in the wild. For this reason, when you come to the Ranch you might encounter an animal that is soon-to-be rewilded if they are not a permanent resident. This is a great experience as you get to see wildlife in all their natural beauty! If you are a returning client, you might even learn that an animal you met is now #backinthetrees!

8. All the animals are rescued.

Like we’ve mentioned before, our wildlife is not from collections. Rather, they are animals who have suffered from a bad hand from destiny and are in need of care, making them extra special,

9. The Medical Program benefits from your tour.

In order to help all the wildlife, our work focuses mainly on our Medical Program.  Giving a second chance at life to all these animals is the reason we do what we do, and we couldn’t do it without you. Your tour helps pay for all the equipment and medical needs specific to each animal.

10. You can get involved beyond the tour itself! 

Last but certainly not least, if you really enjoyed your experience with us, you can get involved in loads of other ways: donating, volunteering, sharing our work on social media, symbolically adopting an animal, sponsoring us, buying something from our gift shop or getting involved with a long-term internship if you’re pursuing a career in wildlife conservation. The opportunities to get involved can start with tours, but they don’t need to end there! 

So, knowing what you know now, what are you waiting for? Click here to book your tour now!

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Blog Article Written by Mariana Diaz

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