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Spud & Tater, two orphaned porcupines

Since arriving at Toucan Rescue Ranch, these lil’ baby Hairy Mexican Porcupines have become the best of friends. But they haven’t always had each other. Both babies were found as orphans, roughly around the same age. Spud, spotted on the ground near the westside of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose; Tater, discovered at the base of a tree.

Spud was rescued by some kind individuals, who first noticed this well-camouflaged baby lying on the ground near the westside of the capital, San Jose, with no mama in sight. But they knew this little baby deserved a chance at life. A chance that – without a mother  – he was not likely to get. Luckily, Spud’s rescuers were able to safely transport him back to Toucan Rescue Ranch, and thank goodness they did: Upon examining him, it was discovered that Spud is practically a newborn, weighing only a meager 184 grams. This lil’ guy is nowhere near ready to take on life alone – as baby porcupines are reliant on their mothers for survival during the first few months of life. But thanks to the quick thinking of some kind individuals, Spud is getting his chance at eventually being ready to do so. 

Similarly, Tater was found by some Good Samaritans, who spotted what looked like a tiny fluff-ball, all alone at the base of a tree. Closer inspection revealed it was a newborn baby porcupine, whose mama was nowhere to be seen. They waited, knowing that mama porcupines often stash their young in hidden spots while looking for food. They hoped for the best, monitoring Tater from a small distance. But after a while, it became clear: There was not going to be a reunion. The kind individuals scooped little Tater up, before alerting those at Toucan Rescue Ranch for help.

The good news is that BOTH Spud and Tater are healthy (other than Spud having some scrapes on his belly, which are healing nicely!). Both receive frequent, routine feedings, and they grow bigger and bigger by the day. Their spikey quills are just beginning to come in, which will replace some of their fluffiness as they develop. And now, they have also been moved to a small outdoor enclosure during the day, where they will practice using their prehensile tail, climb, and hopefully, gain some independence. Because, at the end of the day, Spud and Tater deserve a life in their rightful home – the trees!

For now, TRR’s two tiny, little resident potatoes will continue recovering and rehabilitating together, and thankfully, it seems like these two could not be happier about it! Nowadays, you can usually find Spud moseying around in the grass and low trees with Tater, as both have an eagerness for adventure, which is only matched by their eagerness for food. The hope is that Spud and Tater will be ready for their release in a few months, but rescuers will not know for certain until both babies are a bit older. If you are able to assist with this special duo’s ongoing rehabilitative care, please consider donating to this fundraiser, or sending a healing item from the wishlist below. Anything you can spare, $5 or $50, helps immensely in supporting Spud and Tater’s journeys home. Thank you, everyone. 

We want to raise $2,000 for these two porcupines to help their journey back into the wild!

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