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Baby Gray Fox Found Abandoned On Road

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to this itty-bitty baby Gray Fox, Robin Hood!

Robin arrived a couple of weeks ago after being found in Guadalupe, San Jose, by a Good Samaritan who was running outside. Since he was alone with no mama, she decided to rescue him and bring him to those at Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Upon arriving, and after our doctors gave him a general checkup, we are so relieved and happy to announce he is perfectly healthy! However, due to some dirt around his ears, the vet team believes Robin Hood has been without his mom for a little while now. (Mama may have been killed, or may have simply abandoned him.)

Since coming to TRR, Robin Hood has been on a special mixture of meat, cat food, dog formula, insects, and lots of good fruits and veggies! And already, we can see how much bigger he has gotten! Since his behavior and feeding are developing nicely, Robin Hood is going to be moved into a pre-release enclosure to continue his rehabilitation and get ready for a life back in the wild, right where he belongs!

In the pre-release enclosure, Robin Hood will have as little human contact as possible. The reason behind this is because we want to create an environment that mimics his natural habitat—the rainforests of Costa Rica! It is also important for us to make sure he is not habituated or desensitized to humans to avoid any unwanted behaviors that would be detrimental to a safe and healthy life in the wild. Gray foxes are in the family of Canidae and primarily nocturnal creatures. Seeing them in the daytime is rarer, but in the early mornings and evenings, you can often hear Gray foxes calling to one another!

Please keep this special boy in your thoughts and prayers. Undeniably, our Robin Hood is a warrior: What this little gray fox lacks in size, he makes up for in spirit. And now, his future is looking BRIGHT and we’re going to do everything we can to support him in his rehabilitative journey back to a safe forest. If you are able to assist with Robin Hood’s care, please consider making a small donation. Every penny helps so much and goes a long way in supporting his care. We’ll update as Robin Hood’s recovery progresses, thank you for your kindness and support!

Help Toucan Rescue Ranch raise $800 to help cover Robin Hood’s meals, program expenses, and overall care before a life #backinthewild!

[**None of the rescued wildlife at Toucan Rescue Ranch are considered pets. As a SINAC/MINAE licensed wildlife rescue center and sanctuary, we do not condone wildlife as pets and encourage our community to keep wildlife wild.]

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