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What it’s like being the Marketing Intern for Toucan Rescue Ranch!

Hi, my name is Maria, and I’ve been working as the Marketing Intern at Toucan Rescue Ranch for the past six months. It feels like I just started yesterday; time flies when you are doing something you enjoy. I will tell you more about my experience of What it is like to be a marketing intern at a wildlife rescue center in Costa Rica.

When I chose my career path and applied for the internship, I never thought I would be so happy to see sloth poop. As an intern, I have learned a lot, not only about marketing related but also about wildlife conservation. Working close to wild animals I’ve never seen before is amazing, and it is such a rich time to see and learn. Working close to people passionate about animals makes you feel the same way, and you enter a completely different world where your life gets involved in conservation, and there is no way back. You learn to be more conscious about your actions and how they affect the environment and other animals’ lives.

Being part of the marketing team is working with a fantastic small but mighty team. Working in the field with such a great team is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my career. It will kick your expectations and won’t compare to how amazing it is to be part of an organization that does incredible things. Knowing that the work done in marketing is also a part of the rescue, rehabilitation, and rewilding of wildlife feels special because you are doing something to help animals in need.

Working with a team of people that genuinely understand and cares about wildlife is like a dream team. During this internship, I have met people from different parts of the world, which makes this experience even better; you get involved in a multicultural working environment, make new friends, and become family. 

Words cannot describe the experience of being part of the team at TRR, and it is something you have to live. My experience has been great, and everything I’ve learned and done is something that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. And I’m sure that if you applied and worked for a time at TRR, you would get what it is like to feel happy because of sloth poop.

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Ready to apply?

So you are ready to live the experience of your life? Make sure you’re eligible to be an intern at Toucan Rescue Ranch. You must:  

  • Be able to commit at least 3 or 6 months.
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Have a current tetanus vaccination.
  • Have a current Covid-19 vaccination.
  • International emergency medical insurance while interning
  • Willingness to get dirty, sweaty, tired, and work for wildlife


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About the writer: María Ureña is a born and raised Costa Rican. She has been an on-call tour guide for Toucan Rescue Ranch since 2022. Recently, María has become the Marketing Intern for Toucan Rescue Ranch where she will learn about copywriting, social media, and communication strategies. She is a student of marketing at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and has experience in community management and is a member of Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica.


  1. Rochelle Morrison says:

    I am a teacher and am coming to Costa Rica Jan 29-Feb4 and would like to see your facility. I am considering volunteering in the fall of 2024. Would I be able to come for a tour? I will be in Tamarindo at the beginning of the week and La Fortuna at the end of the week. I am flying in and out of San Jose.

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