Poor Baby Trash Panda Found with No Mama In Sight

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to our newest campaign baby, Rocket. Just like his friend Groot, Rocket is currently residing at our Release Site, and his story is a sort of a mystery. All we know is that Rocket was found alone, without a nest or a mom, by a local in the Guapiles area – Costa Rica – and he was then brought to us.

He came to our center at about 7 weeks old and weighed 600 grams at the beginning of May. He was really small and skinny, and wouldn’t eat. It was a big team effort to manage to make him eat something. After many attempts, we finally got him to eat papaya, and after a few more tries, some milk. Now he is slowly eating more variety as time goes by. 

He still has a ways to go and lots to learn, especially eating wild foods, but we will be there to support him every step of the way. At 15 weeks old, his resilience has already amazed us and allows us to remain hopeful of the future. Our plan is for Rocket to have full life back in the wild, and for him to stay away from humans so his rewilding can be successful!

To help with his continued care, a donation of a few dollars or an item from his wishlist to help keep him comfortable and teach him everything he needs would be much greatly appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for your support and encouragement for little Rocket! 

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