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Abuser Uses Machete To Try And Hack Away At Sloth

Behind what looks like a smile, is a sloth who has suffered quite a bit of pain. He came from an extremely abusive situation where someone used a machete to try and hack the sweet boy into pieces. Luckily, he was unsuccessful but not without injuries.

This horrific event happened in Costa Rica, we were able to transport him to us and has been in our care ever since. Once the vet team took a look at him, they were relieved by what they saw, the cuts (though severe) were clean and were easily treatable. They were able to stitch the lacerations on his lower back and into his belly.

Due to this guy’s inherent nature, he is an extremely aggressive sloth. He required multiple people to hold him as the vet team cleaned his wounds and checked stitches, this is how he got his name (lol).

This is not a negative thing, this boy is very much a wild and free animal. He is using his instincts to try and survive, and due to his history with humans barreling machete’s into his body- we are a threat!

Medical/Medications Received:

Triage, Animal Abuse Case Treatment/Products

Over a 1 month period, 7 days a week 

Enrofloxacine, Meloxicam, Farmenzol, Stitches

You can make a difference!

He will soon be released! He is showing us that he is growing exceptionally stronger and will be ready to brave the wild once again. As he prepares for his exit, we are asking that anyone who is looking to give to a GOOD cause please consider donating here! We will list our expenses below.

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