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The 6th Annual Sloth Ironman Games: The biggest one yet!

We know that by now, you know and love the games. Much more than a good laugh, the Sloth Ironman Games are an ode to the resilience of sloths; a love letter to their mysterious nature and adorableness; a fundraiser to support their development and rewilding. 

This year being the sixth year we’ve run this event, we are getting more ambitious than ever. This year we want to show all these sloths that they are more than just amazing slothletes – they are strong, they are beautiful, they are meant for the most successful life in the wild! 

Sloths bring joy to our daily lives as the team behind Toucan Rescue Ranch and every single one of our supporters. Almost always, the origin stories of these sloths can be heartbreaking, painful to hear, and even harder to process. Nevertheless, the sloths don’t give up, and rather they thrive under these circumstances, teaching us everything we need to know about standing up after being taken down to fight for our future. 

About the Sloths

Concerning the well-being of the sloths, you can rest easy! Each event is designed to enhance the sloth’s rehabilitation and rewilding training, which they already partake in as part of our Saving Sloths Together Program. This means they already have the instinct to perform every single task because it is in their nature. Simply put, we are just filming the slothletes doing what they do on a daily basis. Many of the Games are actually enrichment activities to activate their sense, motivate them to exercise and provide a higher quality of life for them while in the rehabilitation program. Additionally, our Vet Team is present every step of the way, so the animals are always safe!

About the Fundraiser

All the proceeds of the Sloth Ironman Games Fundraiser will go straight into the sloth’s care of their program. As you may know, these sloths arrived as a product of an orphanage – because their mom either abandoned them or passed away – and their rehabilitation for release takes up to two years! Considering we can sometimes have up to nine baby sloths at a time from the same classroom (age range) – it’s quite a lot of time and money – which is why this is the biggest fundraiser ever!

With this fundraiser, we aim to reach every single one of you, from anywhere in the world, to escape everyday stress and join the most amazing wildlife in the world. Are you ready? Get these dates down in your calendar!

The Game Schedule (starting at 1:00 PM Costa Rica time):

  • Oct 20: Sloth Athlete Reveal
  • Oct 21: 1-Meter Dash
  • Oct 22: Hibiscus Eat-Off
  • Oct 22: Half-Time Show
  • Oct 23: Strong Sloth Competition
  • Oct 24: Poop-Off Challenge
  • Oct 25: Championship Ceremony


Each dollar raised for a slothlete will be 1-point added to its score. $5.00 would be an additional 5-points to your favorite slothlete!


  • 100-points for 1st place
  • 75-points for 2nd place
  • 50-points for 3rd pace
  • 25 points for 4th place
  • 0-points for disqualification

New to the event? Watch last year’s Games to see what it’s all about and get excited about this year!

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