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3 Ways to Support Sloth Conservation

Did you know that October is Sloth Month? If not, now you know! Being one of the most amazing animals that live in Costa Rica, we know more than one of you is not only in love with these adorable creatures but invested in helping them thrive as a species. 

As citizens, visitors, or simply lovers of Costa Rica, we have the power to make better choices to benefit the sloths and the rainforests in which they live. If you want to contribute to sloth longevity, here are 3 ways you can help save the sloths:

  1. Always consider wildlife when booking tours and activities

It may surprise us, but many tours or places dedicated to wildlife tourism do not have the animals’ lives in their best interest. With more information online than ever before, people are starting to notice the economic benefits of wildlife tourism, even if that means sacrificing the animals’ well-being. When you travel, take it upon yourself to research places and activities before you partake in them, such as with reviews, company policies, etc. Never participate in “street shows,” which usually involve animals in small cages or on leashes, and require money if you want to take a picture. If the animal is being restrained or abused for your enjoyment, that attraction is a no-go. Also, always remember that even though a place calls itself a “sanctuary” or a “rescue center”, they may not be legit or even legal. For this reason, make sure to research their social media and website, travelers’ reviews, and their core ethos to ensure your hard-earned dollar is going to healthy, sustainable, and lawful organizations for sloths or other animals.

Another thing you can do is learn as much as you can about the threats that sloths face and how to avoid contributing to them! Children are especially receptive to learning about animals, and educating them on conservation is a great way to inspire them to take action. Many people are simply unaware of their negative impact on wildlife, especially tourists. By taking the time to educate others about this situation, they often take the correct steps to reduce that impact. A way you can do this is is by joining Toucan Rescue Ranch’s tours, in which our knowledgeable tour guides explain everything there is to know about sloth conservation! Or, maybe check out our Kidz Korner where we feature conservation kids writing about how they are protecting the planet! 

  1. Volunteer in nonprofits dedicated to sloth conservation

If you want more hands-on experience to help sloth conservation, why not consider volunteering with us or other rescue centers that work in sloth rehabilitation? 

Donate your time by volunteering at rescue centers that focus on the rehabilitation and release of wildlife. What could be more impactful than helping sloths and actually contributing to their rescue, rehabilitation, and release? Nothing! Organizations like the Toucan Rescue Ranch are always in need of volunteers to ensure the health and safety of our animals. Volunteers do not need any medical background — just a big heart and a passion for wildlife! 

  1. Support our Sloth Fundraiser: the Sloth Ironman Games!

Sloths bring joy to our daily lives as the team behind Toucan Rescue Ranch and every single one of our supporters. Almost always, the origin stories of these sloths can be heartbreaking, painful to hear, and even harder to process. Nevertheless, the sloths don’t give up, and rather they persevere under these circumstances, teaching us everything we need to know about standing up after being taken down to fight for our future. 

By supporting this fundraiser, you can support sloth conservation in one of the biggest rescue centers of sloths in the country, Toucan Rescue Ranch. 

All the proceeds of the Sloth Ironman Games Fundraiser will go straight into the sloth’s care of their program. As you may know, these sloths arrived as a product of being orphaned – because their mom either disappeared due to an accident or for unknown reasons – and their rehabilitation for rewilding takes up to two years! Considering we can sometimes have a dozen baby sloths at a time from the same age range – it’s quite a lot of time and money – which is why this is the biggest fundraiser ever!

Another way you can support this fundraiser is by getting the exclusive merch, out now!

Make sure to tune in from October 20 to Oct 25, 2021, to experience the most fun fundraiser you’ve ever seen and fall in love with sloths even more!

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