Kidz Korner: Tristan, the future sloth conservationist, runs a fundraiser of his own!

Well, the summer of 2021 has ended, but not before sharing some amazing initiatives from one of our favorite Kidz Korner writers… Tristan!

All the way in Canada, Tristan and his sister, Noelle, decided to hold a summer fundraiser of their own to support the sloths of Toucan Rescue Ranch.

After a few months of making and creating, Tristan and Noelle were finally ready to hold their bake and craft sale fundraiser. They set up a table on our driveway and laid out the goodies we’d all made to sell. There was homemade fudge, condensed milk flapjacks, apple, and strawberry whole-wheat muffins, and an array of crochet ranging from bows to put on presents, flower broaches for coats/handbags/hats to daisy napkin rings. 

According to Gail, Tristan’s mom, “it was a beautiful, sunny day and didn’t take long until neighbors started passing by, walking their dogs. Everybody stopped to have a look and everyone who stopped bought something! We were absolutely delighted with their interest and generosity”. 

We are so excited that not only did the kids have fun, but almost sold out all their items! They were able to raise $220 CND for The Toucan Rescue Ranch with the help of friends and neighbors at King Valley!

As per Tristan’s first post, his parents agreed to match whatever the children made from the sale! All the proceeds and matched donations went straight back to the sloths with two-toed sloth & three-toed sloth adoption packages, as well as an extra cash donation for our programs! 

What made this event even better was that not only did the kids raise much more than we were hoping for but they also learned so much too; how to advertise, the good things that come from putting in lots of effort, how to sell to customers, how to add everything up and give change and that doing things for a good cause is incredibly rewarding. 

They had a fantastic time all around and I’m pretty sure they will be up for doing it again.

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