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Rewilding with Love Valentine’s Day Adoption Packages!

Valentine’s is a perfect time of year to celebrate love and show your loved ones how much you care about them. There are different ways you can express your care and feelings for someone, and what about showing it by supporting wildlife simultaneously?

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, people around the globe spend the day showing and expressing their feelings and always looking for fun ways to do it, like the most romantic by having dinner or going out on a date, or just by spending time together.

This year we want to allow you to express your love for your partner or friend AND wildlife by providing a different gift! Here at Toucan Rescue Ranch, we care for some adorable sloths named Coco & Geo: a couple of two-fingered sloths that are always together and spend their days eating, climbing, and sleeping together. Now, you can gift Coco & Geo as your Valentine’s gift to that special person. By donating, you can get unique postcards for Valentines, pictures with phrases, and limited-edition media packages.

And if you are single this Valentine, Robin the three-fingered sloth is right there with you; you can share this Valentine’s with him by getting exclusive Robin content #RobinIsMyOneTrueLove.

We have different packages for you, and you can choose what is the best present for you:

  • When you donate $10, you get Valentine’s postcard package to download and print.
  • When you donate $50, you get a special certificate and Valentine’s postcard package.
  • When you donate $100, you get a Classic Symbolic Adoption Valetine’s edition package, which includes postcards, wallpapers, bookmarks, and a certificate.

Remember that by donating, you will be helping our program #SavingSlothsTogether. Take advantage of the opportunity to get exclusive Valentine’s content and help sloths get back into the wild!

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