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Toucan Rescue Ranch’s 2021 in Review!

This 2021,

Toucan Rescue Ranch has had a favorable year!

Coming out of the pandemic, there was a lot of work to do but you came along for the ride! In 2021 we raised a total of $30,829 in fundraisers, including the 2nd Annual #TRRShareYourShot, the 6th Annual Sloth Ironman Games, and Giving Tuesday! With your help, we were able to help rebuild our operations fund, feed as many animals as ever, build a new gate, increase the security of our center, and even improve the comfort of our tourists!

You helped 12 animals and raised $9,165 with our crowdfunding efforts on Cuddly! Now that’s pretty special! We also had the chance to rewild amazing animals like Robin Hood the grey fox, Juana the raccoon, Scar the oncilla, Anito the kinkajou, Oatmeal the two-toed sloth, Groot the tamandua, Spud & Tater Mexican hairy porcupines, and many, many more. Even though not all stories were happy, and sometimes we had to say goodbye to beloved wildlife, we kept focused on helping amazing creatures, no matter how small.

This year, we also had the pleasure to welcome all of you both in-person and online, for more wild adventures with incredibly resilient wildlife! And let us not forget our recent collaboration with explore.org to bring you Sloth TV all day, every day! To all our staff, interns, volunteers, and supporters: thank you for making 2021 an incredible year!

Happy 2022, wildlife heroes!

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