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Sloth With Broken Jaw Unable To Eat

Flash is an adult two-fingered sloth that was rescued from the side of the road in the La Marina area of San Carlos, Costa Rica.

Flash’s jaw was mangled. He was missing his bottom premolar tooth, and he couldn’t eat. Our Vet Team treated him with antibiotics and performed x-rays. The x-rays showed that he had a severely fractured mandible. The trauma to his jaw required orthopedic surgery, so we partnered with Clinica San Martin Del Este for the operation.

Dr. Chavarria had to drill into his jaw to insert a metal pin that would hold the two broken bone fragments together, immobilizing them so they can heal properly. Flash’s missing tooth was also an issue – Because sloths’ teeth continue growing, they rely on the top and bottom teeth to wear each other down, keeping them from getting too long. Because Flash no longer has his bottom premolar, we had to remove the top as well, to prevent it from growing too long and ultimately causing him pain and more problems.

Fortunately, he didn’t have any signs of infection for surgery and is expected to fully recover. We will continue to give him antibiotics and painkillers to aid with his recovery and aim to rewild him once he can eat all on his own!

This surgery will give Flash another chance at life in the wild and we wouldn’t be able to help these animals without your donations! Please consider donating to get flash #BackInTheTrees!

Flash’s Budget Breakdown:

Medical/Medicines: Anesthesia; Enrofloxacine (antibiotic); Meloxicam (anti-inflammatory); Tramadol (opioid/analgesia); anesthetic spray; gauze; rubber gloves; stitches; 2 x-rays; vet wrap; vitamins; syringes; orthopedic pin; 1 hour surgery performed by four vets.

General Support:
Pee pads; blankets; heated blanket; kennel; bucket for handling; wild leave transport costs; carrots; beans; syringes; gloves; disinfectant spray.

Help Flash Recover Today!

The estimated cost is roughly $1,000, which includes daily 24/hour care. All of the money and donated items received from this campaign will cover Flash’s surgery, X-rays, constant care, medication, nutrition, and help ensure that he can be rewilded! Even just $5 to $100 will make a difference for this sloth in need!

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