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Your perfect guide for a WILD’s Mother’s Day gift

We are done with those boring Mother Day gifts – mom does not need a new set of glasses or a new bookmark – and don’t even get me started with those home appliances! All these are gifts of the past. 

Mom is adventurous, caring, committed to the environment. She loves to learn about conservation, to support nonprofits, and most of all, she loves sloths! 

This year, instead of giving her a boring, predictable present, give her the opportunity to get involved with wildlife conservation! What should I go for, you ask? We got the perfect guide, right here:

Virtual Tours – for the tech-savvy mom

We all know this mom. She has 10k followers on TikTok, can sing all the Top 100 songs of the moment, and knows how to use Zoom better than you. 

She learned that you can now visit so many places around the world through the internet and is utterly obsessed with it! Our virtual tour is the perfect gift for her. During this authentic experience, you will have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and explore the magic of Costa Rican wildlife. During this virtual experience, you get to interact with a knowledgeable guide who can answer questions, show you up-close video of wildlife, and give you a full and exclusive tour of our facility! 

This is a great way to stay involved with Toucan Rescue Ranch while practicing safe social distancing during this unique time. All money raised from our virtual tours will be funneled RIGHT BACK to the care of the animals you’ll get to meet – so you can feel good for hopping on ZOOM and learning all about our mission.

Book your Virtual Tour here and enjoy a beautiful 30% discount

Classic Adoption Packages – for the animal-loving mom

This is the mom that always tells you that she doesn’t want anything for Mother’s Day. She is happy with giving and receiving all the love. Oh, and she loooves her animals. 

Why not get her a symbolic adoption of her favorite wild animal? 

You will be contributing to your adopted species’ ongoing food and care. You will receive a downloadable adoption package and tax-deductible information upon check-out. The symbolic Classic Adoption pays for your adopted species costs for 3-months. You can choose from the selection of species we care for at the Toucan Rescue Ranch – which includes sloths, toucans, otters, even ocelots! 

Get your symbolic adoption package here!

Gift cards – for the mom that prefers to choose herself

Oh, we know this mom is always asking for the receipt so she can go change her gift. It is not that she doesn’t love you – she just has a very very specific thing in mind you simply can’t ever guess. 

By purchasing a gift card, you can let her choose what present she wants. There’s no going wrong! 

Celebrity Adoption Packages – for the mom that can’t get enough

This is the mom that cries at dog videos. She is extremely passionate about animal welfare and will do anything for all animals – no matter how big or how small. 

For this mom, a Classic Adoption is not enough. With a Celebrity Adoption, you will be providing food and care for your favorite character at TRR for an entire year! The adopter will receive a personalized adoption certificate and email with tax-deductible information. You will be given a lead contact who you can email at any time for updates and photos all year long! Did we mention you get a special Skype call with your adopted animal as well?! You can choose between a selection of your favorite characters (i.e. Millie the sloth or Emma the otter) that are cared for at TRR.

Purchase your Celebrity Adoption Package here!

Our store – for the apparel mom

This is the classic mom. You can’t take away her love for fashion. And we love her for that. Why not get her beautiful t-shirts, key chains, mugs, maybe even a pair of socks! 

These are not only cute – but all royalties go straight back to our rescued wildlife! Now that’s the best pair of socks you can ever get. 

Purchase our merch here!

Book a tour for later in the year – for the traveling mom

She’s adventurous, she loves to use her miles, and she has had Costa Rica on her bucket list for years. You can take her to the beach, the volcanoes, and of course, the rainforest.

Why not also bring her to Costa Rica’s number one wildlife rescue center? You can buy now for a trip months in advance! This way you get to experience rescued wildlife up close and in person, and learn about their individual life stories! 

Book your in-person tour now! 

The Ranch Experience – for the expert mom 

You can’t mess with this mom. She is a complete expert in wildlife. She’s volunteered at her local wildlife center, can tell you more fun facts about birds than anyone else, and owns her own kit for wildlife spotting, which she uses during her hikes every weekend. 

This mom needs a whole new level of wildlife experience. And we got you – with our Ranch Experience! This is a truly authentic opportunity where you’ll be taken on a wildlife rescue journey with the Toucan Rescue Ranch! Our guest house is right here – at headquarters – where you’ll get the chance to learn about wildlife and participate in our mission’s efforts in a unique way! Learn from our founder, our vet staff, our biologists and volunteers, while you get to experience the permanent residents of our sanctuary like never before!

Book your Ranch Experience, your mom will thank you!

This is the best list you’re going to come across with – so just get your pick! And Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

About the writer: Mariana Diaz, born and raised in Costa Rica, has been part of the Marketing Team at Toucan Rescue Ranch since late 2020. With a background in Media for Development and Social Change, Social Work, and Graphic Design, she supports communications and all things media!

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